Fortnite ‘Drive-By-Royale’ Concept Brings the Battle to Four Wheels

Fortnite community members are constantly creating a number of interesting Limited Time Mode concepts that would be great additions to the title.

With Epic Games constantly adding new material to Fortnite since its release, players have attempted to throw their hat in the ring by attempting to make their own modes, weapons, and other potential enhancements. 

Reddit user Besart17 posted a concept on the Fortnite subreddit titled ‘Drive-By-Royale,’ which would place teams and players on ATK’s permanently throughout the match, and would be unlike anything implemented into the title thus far.

Players would begin on ATK’s at the start of the game and must gather weapons and items by driving over supply drops scattered across the map. Drivers cannot take any damage, but would die once their team is wiped out.

A full list of the rules can be found below, along with the original concept image posted on Reddit.

  • Each player receives a random weapon after the ATK passes over a Supply Drop.
  • The driver can be chosen before the start of the game. He does not take any damage but will die if his entire team is eliminated.
  • The zone will arrive after 10 minutes and close in a random place on the map
  • The rocket launcher, the grenade launcher, and all materials are banned.
  • There is a separate inventory for the all-terrain cart, allowing objects to be stored in the vehicle.
  • Your team appears in a random place with a cart.
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