Fortnite Developers To Make Improvements to Building For Console Players

Calum Patterson

Developers of Fortnite, Epic Games, has revealed their plans to make a serious improvement to building controls for console players, responding to requests from fans.

As any good Fortnite player knows, building is essential to winning battles and becoming a top player, but with the limited functions of an Xbox or PlayStation controller, the mechanics can be more cumbersome than using a keyboard and mouse.

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Epic Games did make big improvements with the ‘Builder Pro’ controller setting, as well as options such as turbo building, auto-material change and revert building choice, most of which was added with the v3.5 update.

However, one area which console players are still lacking in is the editing function, which requires multiple button presses to successfully edit a simple build.

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With the cross platform functionality, console players often come up against PC players, and can find themselves at a significant disadvantage with PC players able to more easily out-build and edit during fights.

But there is hope for console players, at an Epic Games employee has addressed the concerns around editing, explaining that the team are looking into having a new controller setting allowing for a dedicated edit button.

When a reddit user asked about the possibility, Epic Games employee u/darkveil gave a short but insightful response.

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Unfortunately, this was the only official word on a new controller setting for console, with no details of when this could possibly be implemented.

It would be a fairly significant change however, and so may not be added until the next major update, or longer still, depending on how long it takes Epic to devise the layout.

Nonetheless it is very positive news for console players, who may be able to keep pace with their PC counterparts.