Final placements for Bebo Storm’s $5k Fortnite tournament

Bebo Storm, a unique Fortnite tournament format for duos, finished it’s weekly tournament yesterday with 1drakonz and neonxit taking home the first place prize of $2000.

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For those unfamiliar with the tournament, Bebo Storm uses an interesting format.

Each kill is worth one point with a Victory Royale being worth 20 points. The tournament lasts four rounds with each round being an hour, after each round the bottom teams are eliminated.

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Competitors download Bebo to their computer and the software automatically tracks each player’s kills and wins through their Twitch streams.

The format works but isn’t without controversy. Because the competition is against the general public, accusations of stream snipers, both friendly and hostile, have been prevalent in the comments.

The tournament organizers have yet to implement Epic Games’ new matchmaking delay feature but private servers would ultimately be the best thing for community competitions like this one.

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Regardless, the competition is fun to watch as this one came down to the wire.

Second place finishers natehill and funkbomb were in first place until the final minute when neonxit and 1drakonz secured a last second victory royale to catapult them into first place.

“We were in a game and I said that there was 35 minutes left,” neonxit wrote in a Reddit comment. “The call I made was that we could end 2 games in 17 minutes and with that we could take the first place, and that’s what we did.”

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