Everything we know about Fortnite’s Thor crossover: Event leaks and more

Joe Craven
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The latest leaks and in-game hints have suggested that the next Fortnite crossover will focus on Thor, the Norse God thrown into pop culture by Marvel’s immensely popular cinematic universe. 

Fortnite has, in many ways, transcended what has become expected of video games. Multiple ambitious crossovers have seen worlds collide in Epic Games’ building battle royale, including Borderlands 3 and Star Wars.

A number of crossovers have used characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Thanos and Captain America. With those crossovers in the books, fans often turn their attention to what might be coming next, and it seems we might be about to delve into Norse mythology.

Epic Games
Thor’s Hammer has appeared in Fortnite previously.

In an August 8 video, popular YouTuber Ali-A delved into the potential Thor crossover, taking a look at a mysterious comic book that has been leaked in-game.

The comic book certainly appears to have been accidentally added to the game, with users not yet able to interact with it properly. It is also listed as ‘Comic Title Placeholder #1’, further suggesting it should not have been accessible at all to players.

Topic starts at 8:40

Zooming in on the comic book certainly appears to show Thor, at least a common interpretation of how he is depicted in comic books.

The images were shared by reputable Fortnite leaker Hypex, who is known in the community for the accuracy of his leaks. The comic book page also appears to reference Galactus, another character originating from the MCU.

Finally, the comic book appears to allude to the Rainbow Bridge, also known as the Bifrost. This is a bridge that features in Asgard, the home of Thor. If all these leaks come true, Fortnite appears set for a fairly deep dive into the world of Thor and the MCU.

While the depiction of Thor is not particularly similar to the portrayal we’ve seen in Marvel movies, that seems the most likely aesthetic in which Thor will appear in-game. Many have already commented on the likeness between Bunker Jonesy and Thor.

Despite the leaks certainly pointing the way of Thor, there is no guarantee we will see him or any other MCU characters in-game, at least until we get official confirmation from Epic. Keep those eyes peeled, gamers.

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