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Fortnite leaks point to in-game comic books coming soon

Published: 7/Aug/2020 23:21

by Tanner Pierce


After featuring a slew of both Marvel and DC comic book heroes over the last few months, if recent leaks are to be believed, Fortnite may soon be getting some actual, readable, in-game comic books.

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for the past couple of years, you’ll know that superheroes are nothing new for the popular battle royale. The game’s Infinity War and Endgame crossover events were some of the most well known, and recently both Aquaman and Captain America were added to the game as playable characters.

Because of the widespread popularity of these crossovers, it’s really no surprise that Epic Games would want to continue their association with comic books and superheroes as much as possible. Now, it seems like they are ready to take that association a step further than some people might have expected.


According to recent leaks, the BR may soon be getting an in-game comic book and comic book reader. The news comes the way of credible Fortnite leaker HYPEX, who confirmed the news via his Twitter account.

According to HYPEX, there’s now a file in the game referencing a “ComicReader” and that a few days before it was added, a source told him that there would indeed be comic books coming to the game in some form.

In addition to this file, footage of the comic book menu has been found if you switch Xbox accounts while playing the game. There’s obviously no comic book uploaded to the game right now, however, you can still see the animation and UI associated with it.


The inclusion of in-game comic books is a bit on the unusual side for Fortnite, however, not completely out of left field. While they wouldn’t really add anything to the game, they would keep players entertained for a bit.

It would also be super simple for Epic to tie the comic books into the game somehow. They could either make an item that can only be obtained by reading each comic or they could make the comics themselves findable items in-game.

Either way, it’ll be interesting for fans to see how they’re implemented into the battle royale in the coming months.