Epic Games announce changes to looting in Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games

Epic Games, developers of the incredibly popular Fortnite Battle Royale, have announced changes coming to looting in-game, as they look to give players more control over their looting setup.

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Recently, Epic have received community criticism regarding their communication (or lack thereof) in terms of contextualizing changes they make to their game. 

As part of the response to this, and increased efforts to improve their communication with players, they have been posting regular updates on their website to provide more clarity around adjustments they make.

Epic GamesLooting is a fundamental component of the battle royale game, now entering its ninth season.
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In the most recent of these updates, posted on May 17, they announced that they are making changes to the in-game looting system.

The changes concern the ‘Hold to Swap’ feature. “We initially added this feature to help improve early game looting, making it easier to get weapons & items in the slots that you wanted,” Epic explained. “We’ve fixed some bugs and iterated on this feature since its release, but recognize that some players may not want it enabled at all.”

Given the acknowledgement that some players may not want this feature, they announced that the next update will make it a choice, using a settings option, so players can opt in or opt out of the new looting mechanism.

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Epic GamesThe part of the update relating to looting.

The announcement also gave more information on the glitches which caused vehicles to be disabled during the World Cup Qualifiers, as well as issues with disconnection in Duos and an upcoming ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit.

The post is a step in the right direction, following months of growing discontent among players, particularly in the competitive community, as Epic aim to have the game it’s best possible state for the $30 million tournament.