Epic Games Is Investigating an Issue With Fortnite Caused by Norton Antivirus [UPDATED]

UPDATE – 08/06 1:56 PM PTA Norton Spokesperson has reached out to let us know that the issues causing some Norton Antivirus users to not be able to log into Fortnite have been resolved – “We have identified and resolved the matter affecting some of our customers’ ability to log into Epic Games’ “Fortnite.”

Epic Games is looking into an ongoing issue that has been causing login issues for Fortnite players since a recent Norton Antivirus update.

The antivirus software has reportedly been detecting Fortnite, or Unreal Engine 4, as a trojan file and blocking the game from running.

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Epic released a short statement saying “we are aware that some players are experiencing login issues after receiving an update from Norton Antivirus” and that they are in the process of helping Norton’s employees with their investigations.

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If you don’t want to wait for Norton to fix the issue, you can exclude the pakchunk0-windowsclient.sig file from Norton’s auto protect or quarantine zone.

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Natewad on Reddit explained how to do this in one of the numerous threads related to the infuriating issue:

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It is currently unknown why Norton’s software is making the mistake of detecting the file as a trojan but it appears to have affected thousands of players worldwide.

Norton has also acknowledged the issue after Max Rayner on Twitter said “Millions of over-anxious children around the world want to know:  do either of your companies have a comment on why Norton flags one of Fortnite’s files as a Trojan?”

A Norton support employee responded with “Sorry about the trouble. We are currently looking in to this. Will get back to with more updates”.

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