Epic Games are finally patching one of Fortnite’s most annoying wall-building problems

Matt Porter

Epic Games Design Lead Eric Williamson has announced that players will finally see a fix for a wall building issue that has frustrated Fortnite fans since the game released back in 2017.

Coming in the V7.20 update for the battle royale title, the new feature was announced on the Fortnite subreddit on Friday, January 11.

The update will specifically address issues players have had with placing walls on surfaces that are not completely flat, and is a change that Fortnite fans have been wanting for some time. 

Currently, if a player tries to build on water or sometimes on hills, they will end up building a tiny wall as most of the structure will either disappear underwater or underground.

This meant players would then have to build a second wall on top of it, wasting valuable time and resources in the process.

Williamson has revealed that this will no longer be the case, as any time 70% or more of a wall is going to be underground when built, Fortnite will automatically place the second wall above it, without using any more materials.

Fans of the game have already shown their enthusiasm for the switch, with one commenting underneath the Reddit post that “these are the kind of changes we want to see,” while another simply wrote: “Awesome!”

There is no official release date for the V7.20 update, but it’s extremely likely that we will see it go live on Tuesday, January 15.

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