Epic Games are asking for massive amounts of money for Fortnite World Cup sponsorship

Rumors suggest that Epic Games are asking for massive amounts of money from companies who would like to sponsor the upcoming Fortnite World Cup.

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Chris Pursell, who is a business journalist based in Las Vegas, has revealed on Twitter that Epic Games are asking for up to $25 million for partnerships for the event.

These opportunities would be title sponsorships, or regular spots within the event, much like State Farm’s partnership with League of Legends during the NA LCS and the 2018 World Championships.

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Pursell states that any company that were to take this partnership on would become part of a deal that sets “a new record for the industry,” and used comparisons to sports to show the size of this deal.

Advertising spots during the first game of the  2018 NBA Finals cost as much as $829,000, while slots during February’s Super Bowl 52 between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots were sold for around $5 million.

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There is currently no word on who may end up sponsoring the Fortnite World Cup, but Epic Games are already on the hunt for their title sponsor for the event which isn’t scheduled to take place until late 2019.

The Fortnite World Cup was first announced back in June 2018, but Epic Games’ focus on the Summer and Fall Skirmishes meant that little information was available about the tournament until recently.

Qualifiers for the World Cup will begin early next year, with these qualifiers set to be open to anyone who would like to play, regardless of if they are professional players or not.

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