Epic confirm a much-needed change is coming to vehicles in Fortnite

Connor Bennett

Fortnite’s designated drivers may finally be able to see what amount of health their vehicle has left without switching seats.

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Fortnite Season 7 has brought another vehicle, the X-4 Stormwing attack plane, to the battle. As usual, the new vehicle is not indestructible but players in the driver’s seat wanting to check its health are still unable to do so.

Currently, only players in passenger positions can check the status of the vehicle’s health, meaning that drivers playing by themselves have to quickly switch seats to check. Vehicles such as the QuadCrasher have a slight time animation whilst switching seats. However, a long-awaited fix is coming.

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Fortnite fan bedarija posted a thread on the game’s subreddit, calling for Epic to add a Vehicle health bar for drivers and showing off their rough mock-up of what it could look like. The post was quickly spotted by Epic Games as Design Lead – EpicEricSW- Eric Williamson, commented: “Great point, agreed! I believe it missed the cutoff for 7.01 this week, but should be in the release after that.”

With Williamson also announcing that the 7.01 update is set to drop in the next week, fans who have already been searching for clues as to what might come next, won’t have to wait long to see what’s in store.

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Season 7 is less than a week old and there have already been leaks to parts of the recently arrived snow and ice fading away, revealing some possible early map changes.

Players have already discovered that the Iceberg around Polar Peak has a secret lying beneath it as an explorable hidden village was found. Elsewhere, Loot Llamas have also been spotted spawning in surprising areas under the winter surface.