Ninja explains why he “understands” CouRage and Myth quitting Fortnite

Epic Games / Twitter: Ninja

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has explained why he understands big streamers like Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop and Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani wanting to quit Fortnite, saying that he “definitely gets” the desire to branch out.

It seems somewhat of a turbulent time for Fortnite streamers and players in general. It’s no secret that interest in the battle royale title has waned throughout Chapter 2, following the longest season in history, but the release of Season 2 doesn’t appear to have been enough to bring some players back.

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After CouRage posted several tweets on March 1, explaining that he wants to expand his streams to include other games, Ninja spoke about it and says he understands the decision, and also responded to a Myth tweet which implied the TSM streamer wanted to do more variety streams.

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Season 2 released in February 2020, but didn’t manage to bring back all of the interest and success it had once upon a time.

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Ninja was speaking about how hard he practiced during the Fornite Championship Series squad events, saying that he’s not sure where he would be if he hadn’t been grinding so hard and worked so meticulously on his building and editing – adding that if it weren’t for those tournaments, he “doesn’t know if he would be playing Fortnite right now.”

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The Mixer star then referenced CouRage’s tweets, where he says he has a “fear” of playing other games such as God of War and CS:GO, but that recently he has “really struggled to sign on and play them,” partially blaming skill-based matchmaking.

Blevins said that if he “was still average,” he would “probably be on the same train that CouRage is on right now, going full-blown competitive emo mode,” adding that he “definitely knows what he’s talking about.”

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Following that up, teammate Malachi ‘Reverse2K’ Greiner referenced Myth’s tweet in which he says he’s “taking a little break from Fortnite.”

Ninja went on to say that Myth is so young and he’s so good that he thinks he should “just go all in,” – including TSM teammates Daequan Loco and Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin in that sentiment.

Hamlinz and Daequan’s absence from Fortnite and streaming as a whole has been much more significant than Myth’s, with the duo regularly taking weeks or even months off at a time, but Myth has stayed much more consistent with his stream schedule.

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While Fortnite really helped build many streamer’s careers, several of its top names have found plenty to complain about.

Fortnite is still one of the most popular games for streamers, but there’s no doubt that it’s starting to lose its appeal and, judging by this, they might end up losing one of the biggest content creators on the planet.

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