Couple who met on Fortnite now earn thousands with OnlyFans career

Onlyfans couple playing fortniteInstagram/tyleranderinx/Epic Games

A British couple who met playing Fortnite is now building a new life for themselves thanks to OnlyFans.

Bricklayer Tyler Thompson and support worker Erin Sanaghan have been together for over two years, but their relationship was forged in the fires of competition playing against each other in Fortnite.

“We both met through someone else on the game. It’s crazy that if we didn’t join the lobby together we would have never met,” twenty-two-year-old Tyler explained to The Daily Star.

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“It took about a month until we met in person and we used to play every night together.”

jonesy dropping into fortnite mapEpic Games
Dropping in on OnlyFans!

Couple goes from Tilted Towers to OnlyFans

After meeting in person, things took a sharp turn after they hit it off and began joking about creating OnlyFans content together in order to add some additional income every month.

While they first planned on just making an extra £500 every month, they have since surpassed that goal, now earn anywhere from £4,000 to £5,000.

“It has been life-changing because we don’t have to stress about anything,” Thompson said, noting how it was shocking how well they are doing creating content.

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Tyler and Erin OF creatorsInstagram/tyleranderinx
Tyler and Erin have been together for over two years.

Despite making good money, the couple plan on saving up and reach their end goal: happiness.

“Our goal is to be happy and to get everything we’ve always wanted,” Erin explained. “We can become a lot more successful and we plan to. We want to double our earnings for the end of the year.”

Leave it to video games to bring people together and jumpstart new careers. How romantic!

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