Competitors Share Pictures and First Glimpses of the Setup, Trophy, and Venue Being Used for the $3M Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament

Albert Petrosyan

Tremendous hype and excitement surrounding the Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament is real as the competition kicked into high gear on June 12th.

Developer Epic Games did not hold back in organizing this massive event, as the entirety of the Banc of California Stadium was transformed into a Fortnite oasis.

The Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament features 50 of the biggest names in the Fortnite gaming community teaming up with 50 well-known celebrities who enjoy playing the game, including a variety of musicians, rappers, athletes and more.

The tournament also has a whopping $3 million prize pool, all of which will go towards various charities of the players’ choices.

As the multitudes of competitors walking into the venue for the first time, most could not help but be awed by the awesomeness and grandeur of the event’s designs.

Many took to social media to post pictures of the stadium, the stage, the trophy, and all of the Fortnite-themed items and objects that were placed in and around the arena.

Here is some of best content from social media from those competing in the $3M Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament.

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