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Can you open Fortnite’s Helicarrier vault?

Published: 14/Sep/2020 11:38

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite’s Helicarrier vault has caused plenty of intrigue to players and content creators alike, but can you actually open it? Well, here’s what we know. 

When Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 got underway, Epic Games followed Apex Legends by introducing vaults across the map. These hard to enter locations have wondrous loot inside and can be a gamechanger – if you can you take down the guards and find the keycard, that is. 

The vaults have stuck around through Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 with a handful of Marvel characters – including Iron Man and Doctor Doom – now being used as guards.

While these two vaults can be opened pretty easily, there is one that has sparked much intrigue to players – the vault on the Helicarrier spawn island. 

Fortnite's helicarrier spawn island
Epic Games
Fortnite players have been trying to get inside the Helicarrier vault.

Can you get into Fortnite’s Helicarrier vault?

The Helicarrier vault looks like a normal vault. It has a big grey door and a keypad just to the left of it that says it requires a keycard to be opened. 

Plenty of players have tried taking the Doctor Doom and Iron Man keys up there, but as of right now, the only way to access it is either through replay mode or by glitching yourself in as Ali-A did. 

Though, if you do manage to glitch inside, don’t expect to find any loot. As of writing, there is no loot inside and it’s actually just an empty room.

Epic Games
Nobody knew what was inside the mysterious vault in Fortnite.

Will the Helicarrier move across the Fortnite map?

That might sound disappointing to some fans, but, there is still hope that the vault can be accessible in the future. 

On top of it having a keypad and requiring a keycard, Fortnite data miners have uncovered files that suggest that the Helicarrier is actually going to move across the map and start to hover over certain areas.

If it does move, and the Helicarrier plays a part in games rather than just being the spawn area, the vault should become accessible then. Though, it’s unconfirmed when that will be just yet. 

The Helicarrier lobby has a new foundation location in the files – Foundation 3, right over the middle of the Island from FortniteLeaks

As it is, we’ll just have to keep an eye on Epic Games and their next few updates for a concrete answer on when you can get inside the vault. 

Once that becomes possible, attention will turn to how you get inside the vault and you can be sure that we’ll have an answer for you when the time comes.


Fortnite tease exclusive new Drift Crew skin with Fox Clan hints

Published: 24/Jan/2021 17:18 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 17:22

by Julian Young


The official Fortnite Twitter account started the hype train for the game’s next Fortnite Crew release by changing their avatar and issuing cryptic tweets about ‘Fox Clan,’ and fans are already speculating on when the next big surprise might arrive.

Fortnite has a long history of using in-game and social media teasers to hype up the BR’s future content. Whether teasing some new skins or a complete rework of the game’s universe, Epic Games is no stranger when it comes to feeding players a slow drip of hints to build up the hype.

With Chapter 2 Season 5 well underway, players have already been treated to special events like Terminator and Predator crossovers. However, Season 5 doesn’t end until March 15 and players are already looking for clues on what the season’s next content drop might include.

On January 24, Fortnite’s official Twitter account changed its avatar and tweeted out two mysterious hints linked to the game’s next big reveal. The community quickly flooded Twitter to discuss what these new teasers might mean for the February Fortnite Crew release.

Fortnite Drift Crew Pack Skin HYPEX Leak
Epic Games
Fortnite data miner HYPEX revealed the game’s new teasers are related to an upcoming Fortnite Crew skin for Drift.

The first tweet referenced establishing a connection and beginning a scan, which didn’t give fans much to go off of. However, the second part had some important implications, and included a reference to one of the games most iconic characters: Drift.

“Drift? Drift. Come in. Do you read me?” the last sentence read. Drift was originally introduced in Fortnite’s first Season 5, and was loved by players for his unique kitsune appearance and skins (kitsune means fox in Japanese, and these creatures often appear in Japanese folklore).

The second tweet issued a cryptic warning: “I know you don’t know who I am, but the Fox Clan is in trouble. We need you.” Fox Clan is something completely new to Fortnite, but it appeared to tie in with Drift’s previous in-game aesthetic and the account’s updated avatar.

Fortnite data miner HYPEX also believed the teasers are related to Drift. The leaker shared an image of an unreleased Drift skin – which appeared to be a female version of the previously-male character – and confirmed the skin will be included in the February edition of the Fortnite Crew subscription.

Fortnite Crew – Epic’s monthly subscription model – nets players each new battle pass and 1,000 V-bucks every season, along with Crew Packs that include an exclusive outfit and matching accessory. HYPEX confirmed that the teased Drift skin will be tied to an upcoming Crew Pack.

So far, Epic Games has not revealed any additional clues other than the two mysterious tweets. While new information will continue to be discovered by HYPEX and other data miners, no additional clues have been posted at the time of writing.

Fortnite fans will need to wait for confirmation on exactly what Epic has planned for the February Crew Pack. We will make sure to keep you updated as any new information is revealed at Fortnite Intel on Twitter.