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Bizarre Fortnite performance issues could change your skin mid-game

Published: 13/Feb/2020 2:19 Updated: 13/Feb/2020 3:02

by Brad Norton


Fortnite has been impacted by a number of significant bugs since the latest major update saw the jump to a new physics engine, though the console experience might be the most shocking of all.

From weak spots not working as intended to players phasing through solid walls, the transition to a new physics engine has certainly come with its own unique difficulties.

However, console players appear to have it worse than perhaps any other platform as laggy gameplay experiences have seen players suddenly changing skin in the middle of a match among other quirky flaws.

Epic Games
With dozens of skins in the game, there’s no telling which cosmetic you might randomly swap to in your next game.

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Having dropped into a match on February 12, Reddit user ‘Dolotone’ showcased the buggy nature of Fortnite gameplay on their PS4 following a recent stability patch.


With textures not loading in properly, they could barely so much as walk through the map without awkwardly floating and skipping through chunks of the map.

Buildings and nearby terrain all appeared blurry as the world failed to render properly, leaving them to float through an odd mix of architecture in Misty Meadows.

Amusingly enough, they also suddenly changed skin in the middle of the match. Without reason they swapped from one cosmetic to another, altering everything about their appearance except for the pickaxe.

The state of console (PS4) after today’s stability patch. Maps don’t render, constant lag spikes & loading screens are freezing. from FortNiteBR

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Eventually forced to simply back out of the match in hopes of finding a fresh lobby that actually works, they outlined how such skin-changing shenanigans aren’t a rare occurrence. 


“Skins I PAYED for are unusable…imagine that,” they expressed. “Every game I queue up whether it’s solo, duo, TR, they all do this. It’s really aggravating.”

While they couldn’t offer immediate feedback, Epic Games Community Coordinator ‘EpicBoaty’ chimed in and asked the player to formally submit a report of the issue “using the in-game Feedback button.”

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Fortunately, other PlayStation 4 users were reporting that their gameplay experience hasn’t been quite as buggy since the latest stability update, yet Epic is clearly on the ball and attempting to address the bizarre Fortnite issues.

With the major Season 2 update right around the corner, perhaps console players will be treated to a sweeping set of improvements come February 20.