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Best Fortnite Weapon Concept Ideas – AK-47, Railgun, Paintball Gun, Battle Rifle and More

Published: 4/Aug/2018 18:51

by Calum Patterson


Creative Fortnite fans have been busy devising weapon concepts which are not yet in the game, but could potentially be excellent additions.

There are a lot of very passionate and imaginative Fortnite players, and due to Epic Games’ willingness to implement fans’ ideas in the past, more and more fan-made concepts have popped up on social media.

While most of these concepts are for items like skins, pick-axes and consumables, there are also some excellent weapon concepts which we wouldn’t be surprised if Epic added at some point in the future.


The most recognizable weapon in the world is yet to make an appearance in Fortnite, but this concept of the Russian Kalashnikov rifle by u/idothingssometimes is a pretty good impression of what it could look like.



The compact little brother of the AK-47, the AKS-74u, could make for a brilliant addition to the sub-machine category.

This concept comes courtesy u/lukeruza.

Vector SMG

Another potential SMG option would be the Vector – as shown in this concept from u/thecrimsondev. Epic Games recent added a legendary SMG however, so the chances of either of these SMG’s being added is not so high.

Paintball Gun

A bit more of a novelty weapon idea, this Paintball Gun concept from u/Qpaniic would make for some very colorful gunfights.


A more ambitious concept, this Railgun idea from u/DeadYen would “fire a pulse which penetrates all wooden objects and has a 30 second recharge time.”

Battle Rifle

One of the all time great weapons in multiplayer shooters, the Halo Battle Rifle holds a special place in the heart of many gamers – and would love it to make an appearance in Fortnite.

Semi-Auto Rifle

A more reasonable Rifle request might be a semi-auto rifle (u/RealSkylitPanda), of which there are none currently. The only semi-auto’s in Fortnite are all scoped, with a slow fire rate. Perhaps a fast firing semi-auto, unscoped, could have a place in the meta.

Incedniary Grenade

Finally, not a gun concept this time, but a new throwable. This incendiary grenade devised by u/thebeanhasarrived would be able to burn down opponents builds as well has deal damage to enemies.


Epic Games is constantly working to add new items and weapons to Fortnite in an effort to keep the game fresh, especially for those passionate fans who have played hours and hours on end.

Of course, considerations of balance and gameplay must be taken into account when deciding on new weapons and equipment, so Epic will be careful not to add something potentially game-breaking – no matter how fun.


Ali-A reveals unreleased Fortnite skin haunting Weeping Woods

Published: 23/Oct/2020 11:45 Updated: 23/Oct/2020 11:47

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite YouTuber Ali-A has shown that the previously leaked Madcap skin looks to be coming soon as a mobile glitch has revealed a strange character ‘haunting’ Weeping Woods. 

Across the different Fortnite seasons and updates, Epic Games have released a vast amount of cosmetics – with fans picking out their favorites and donning them in-game. 

Typically, these skins are leaked ahead of time as leakers are able to decrypt games files that are added to the mix with each new update and patch. Some of these skins never see the light of day, or are held back for quite a while, despite being leaked following a patch. 

One of the skins that falls into this category is the Madcap – a glowing, purple, Mushroom-themed skin. It was leaked quite a while back, and while it hasn’t been available just yet, it looks like it will be pretty soon. 

Fortnite leaked bundles
Epic Games
Each new Fortnite update leaks a whole host of skins.

Popular YouTuber Ali-A pointed out that some Fortnite mobile players on Android had spotted the outline of a skin sitting around in Weeping Woods. 

The character that seems to be ‘haunting’ the POI, is stood under a tree with their arms crossed. However, it’s not colorful. Instead, it’s a blacked-out silhouette – almost as if it’s going to be added soon, but is showing up as a visual glitch in-game. 

Ali-A noted that the character is most definitely Madcap because of the shape of the head, and given that he’s hanging around Weeping Woods, there might be a challenge or quest line involved with unlocking the skin.

Timestamp of 3:48

Even though the YouTuber’s speculation seems pretty spot on, there’s no telling if he’s right just yet because Epic Games hasn’t announced anything. 

It could very well be that, as Fortnitemares unfolds, the skin will finally be available through the item shop and there are also challenges in Weeping Woods to unlock skin styles. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see.