SypherPK lashes out at Fortnite stream snipers for ruining YouTube videos

SypherPK next to Fortnite CHapter 2Twitch: SypherPK/Epic Games

Popular Fortnite streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has hit out at stream snipers ruining his Fortnite gameplay videos, describing them as “degenerate losers”. 

When it comes to Fortnite, there are very few top tier streamers who continue to play Epic’s building battle royale exclusively. Tfue and CouRage have started streaming Warzone frequently, while Ninja has been spending increasing amounts of time on Valorant.

Sypher, one of the few remaining stalwarts of Fortnite, shocked his followers when, on July 25, he said he’d be investing more time in the aforementioned Warzone.

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His reasoning for the switch was that content would be “minimal”, but he confirmed he would continue to grind Fortnite to acquire daily gameplays for his YouTube.

Warzone lake next to sniping with logo on topInfinity Ward
Sypher’s switch to Warzone came as a shock to his fans.

While playing Fortnite on stream to get these YouTube gameplays, Sypher encountered multiple stream snipers in one game, which he eventually went on to win.

However, it seems that the snipers struck a chord with the Fortnite pro because, once the game had been won, he hit out at the players in question, referring to them as “degenerate losers,” as he issued a stern response.

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“Every little punk kid who tried to stream snipe me that game to ruin my video,” he said. “You are the most degenerate loser – all of you combined. The skill level, not even close to me. I destroyed you – manhandled every single one of you.”

He continued: “Whether I was at a health disadvantage, or a weapon disadvantage, or a material disadvantage, I destroyed every single one of you, and you will never be as good as me you little dirty stream snipers!”

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Sypher then began to channel the frustration into fuel, hyping himself up as he began to search for another lobby. While he did not cite stream snipers as a reason for his move towards Warzone, it certainly seems that they are able to get under his skin.

Warzone, of course, has its own issues – namely hacking. Whether Sypher sticks with Fortnite off the back of the anger it caused him remains to be seen, but you can catch him on his Twitch channel regardless of what game he’s streaming.

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