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All leaked skins and cosmetics in Fortnite v15.10 update

Published: 15/Dec/2020 10:03

by Connor Bennett


With the annual Winter celebrations finally coming to Fortnite, Epic Games have seemingly got a whole host of new skins and cosmetics lined up for fans following the V15.10 update. 

The end of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 saw the chapter closed on the Marvel-themed season, and gave way to Chapter 2, Season 5 – Zero Point. 

In the new season, the Zero Point has once again returned to the battle royale island, and brought with it an interesting story revolving around hunters and some of the world’s most fierce fighters. 

As ever, a new season means new cosmetics, and there have been plenty in Chapter 2, Season 5 already, but with the winter and holiday season right around the corner, more are being released and they’ve been revealed by leakers. 


The Mandalorian bounty challenges fortnite
Epic Games
Mando and The Child are in Fortnite Season 5.

Fortnite v15.10 leaked skins

That’s right, with Christmas and the holiday season on the horizon, Epic Games have brought the festivities to Fortnite with the v15.10 update in the form of new weapons, the Snowmando NPC, and much more. 

As with any update, leakers have also been able to reveal what’s coming next – and the winter fun means winter-themed skins. And, again, Epic have got that all lined up. 

Reliable Fortnite dataminer ShiinaBR revealed that there are 12 new skins coming soon – with a few of those being available as a part of new bundles too. 

Leaked skins from Fortnite v15.10 update
A closer look at all the new skins in the v15.10 update.

Leaked Fortnite gliders, emotes, pickaxes from v15.10 update

Of course, that’s not all that they’ve got lined up though. There are gliders, backblings, pickaxes, music packs, wraps, and emotes to be introduced as well. Plus, a few variants for classic cosmetics as well as loading screens. 


Fortnite leaker IFireMonkey put them all together in one image, so you can check out what’s in the store – including a line of soccer-themed emotes, as well as a few new multi-person emotes, too. 

As usual, these skins should release at a later date, so you’ll just have to keep checking the Fortnite store to see when they’re available.

There is also the chance that some of them aren’t added and are held back until a later point – with the off chance that some may never be released. We’ve seen that before plenty of times.