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Ali-A reveals “secret change” from Fortnite 12.60 update

Published: 20/May/2020 20:00

by Alan Bernal


Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken took a closer look at Fortnite after the v12.60 update to see what changes Epic Games made that weren’t revealed in the patch notes – which could give clues to what the Agency is up to.

As Season 2 for the second chapter winds down, there’s still a lot of mystery revolving around Midas and the crew that makes up the Agency.

With a live event still in the cards for the current era in the battle royale, players are waiting to see what the devs have been planning for the closing spectacle of the season.

Ali-A - YouTubeA mysterious ring of clouds has formed over the Agency in Fortnite.

Though Ali-A thinks that might not be too far from now, seeing as Season 3 is scheduled to start June 4, making it the perfect time for Epic to begin the in-game teasers.


Running through the Fortnite map, Ali-A noticed that The Agency now has a cloud ring forming high above the building surrounded by water.

The secluded nature of the standalone facility makes it the perfect location for a major story live event, which has all but been confirmed to be centralized near the secret hideout.

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Ali-A is aware that the last Saturday before the new season typically has major implications for that season’s in-game festivities.

With May 30 right around the corner, Ali-A expects Epic to introduce a steady flow of easter eggs or clues around the Fortnite map that could give more insight into what the Agency is plotting and how it relates to the overarching story of the game.


Recent leaks have hinted at major map changes that could be coming to the Agency once the story starts to kick off. That’s not even including the Doomsday Device that will reportedly play a huge part in the story as well as a leaked mysterious countdown that will appear over the Agency’s building at some point.

There’s still a ton of questions surrounding the upcoming finale for the Fortnite season, but players like Ali-A and more are staying on their toes in case Epic decides to sneak another clue before the premiere of the live event.