Fortnite player perfectly recreates Bioshock’s Rapture in epic tribute

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Bioshock and Fortnite are not two games you’d traditionally associate with each other, but thanks to the genius of a Creative Mode player, they certainly are now.

Fortnite is Epic Games’ colorful battle royale shooter than continues to defy all expectations and keep drawing players in despite constant jibes that it’s a “dead game.”

On the other hand, Bioshock is 2K’s grizzly, dark, depressing FPS set in a dank, dystopian city – Rapture – overcome by an addictive drug called ADAM.

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From the outset, they are two polar opposites, and in practice, they are as well, however, through Fortnite’s expansive Creative Mode, the two titles have collided in a crossover for the ages.

Bioshock and Fortnite crossover sends players into Rapture

Creative Mode was released as an extension to Fortnite’s base game in 2018 that already featured the aforementioned battle royale as well as the less-heralded Save The World PVE mode.

Like Minecraft or Terraria, players have were handed the keys to the game and were allowed to create what they wanted in Creative Mode, with the only limit being their imagination.

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Reddit user Flux_Capacimoose clearly took full advantage of the tools on offer as they presented players with “Rapture II,” their reimagining of the fabulous underwater city and its harrowing world.

Anyone who’s played Bioshock will feel instantly at home within seconds as the attention to detail is meticulous, to say the least. Straight away, the player’s get-up had them looking like a Big Daddy Alpha and the level had an atmospheric old-school filter applied to it.

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As the player ventured out further into their creation, we got to see many iconic sights and sounds from the first 30 minutes of the game.

Iced-over doors, the hallway with the leaking window, to one of the early bar areas, it’s all painstakingly recreated and it was well-received by players.

“My brother in Christ you are an artist,” one complimentary top commenter said, “The atmosphere is spot on!” another user said, and one more person simply offered: “My good sir, can I play this with my friends in a private game and just kill each other while admiring the atmosphere?”

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The OP confirmed this was the case and if you’re interested in doing it yourself, then the code to play it is 3885-0261-7529!

With Bioshock 4 still some time off yet and the film possibly even longer away, this homage to the game through Fortnite will surely have players chomping at the bit for more content.

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