Netflix Bioshock movie: Everything we know so far

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After being rumored for years, a studio has finally taken the plunge and decided to give Bioshock the movie treatment — Netflix in fact. Information is scarce at the moment, but here’s a look at what we know and what to expect.

Whether you’re familiar with the dark waters of Rapture or the politically charged skies of Columbia, you already have a good understanding of the series’ brooding nature. Happiness is very scarce in the Bioshock universe, as it’s plagued by a sadistic undercurrent that surrounds itself in death and destruction.

Take-Two Interactive’s current trilogy of games are some of the most revered in gaming history, and the upcoming fourth title has hopes of emulating their success. Series creator Ken Levine tried unsuccessfully to bring the franchise to the big screen, despite the project being so far along.

Netflix have jumped on the video game wagon in the last few years by bringing several gaming franchises to life, and now it seems like they want to give Bioshock a crack.


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Around every corner awaits a new horror…

Does the Bioshock movie have a release date?

There is nothing concrete in terms of a release window for the Bioshock movie just yet. For the time being, we will have to treat this as a completely fresh announcement and expect Netflix to provide updates as development progresses.

There’s every chance that the movie’s release could potentially coincide with Cloud Chamber’s Bioshock 4, but we will have to wait and see.

Bioshock movie plot & setting

The only picture used for the promotional material for the movie is that of the game’s Big Daddy enemy alongside a Little Sister.

Given that Netflix hasn’t gone for an ambiguous art shot, we’d say that the movie will probably be set in Rapture, home to Bioshock 1 + 2. Also, the Big Daddy featured is akin to the ones seen in the first game, instead of the alternative ones introduced in Bioshock 2.

With this in mind, we question how close to the source material the movie will stay. The premise of Bioshock was about a man called Jack who unexpectedly found his way to Rapture and had to battle his way through the sights, sounds, and unimaginable horrors of a broken, dystopian city.

Netflix also teased fans by stating: “Would you kindly stay tuned?” – a take on the game’s famous quote.

Is there a trailer for the Bioshock movie?

Netflix hasn’t provided a trailer for Bioshock just yet, given that the movie is probably in its very early stages.

Once production has started to move along nicely, expect Netflix to drop a sneaky teaser for the Bioshock movie.

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