How to watch Match for Hope and who is playing in Team Chunkz vs Team Aboflah

Liam Corless
The Match for Hope will take place on Friday

The first-ever Match for Hope took place on Friday, February 23, with a host of superstar former players taking part, and influencers like IShowSpeed and more. Here’s how you can watch the stream, who’s playing on the teams, and how it ended.

The match was organized by the Education Above All Foundation, a charity that was set up in Qatar in 2012 with the intention of transforming lives through education.

The game took place at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium with social media influencers Chunkz and Aboflah captaining the two teams.

Arsene Wenger managed Team Chunkz, while Antonio Conte took control of Team Aboflah. Roberto Carlos, David Villa, Eden Hazard, Didier Drogba, Claude Makelele, and Kaka were also in line to play.

Match for Hope livestream

The match was streamed live on YouTube. With the game now done and dusted, you can watch it in full below on Chunkz’ channel.

You can also donate to the charity cause here.

The teams

Team Chunkz: Harry Pinero, Just Riadh, Angry Ginge, Billy Wingrove, Sean Garnier, AJ Shabeel, Roberto Carlos, Johnny Carey, David Villa, Vuj, Anders Hofman, XDuttinho, Ahmad Aburob, Aitch, Ammar Kandil, Daud, Taiyo Kimura, Eden Hazard, IShowSpeed.

Team Aboflah: Didier Drogba, Yung Filly, Hanody Awesome, Kristen Hanby, Sharky, Samy Chaffai, Agent 00, Claude Makelele, Kaka, Thomas Bragg, Jamm, Caspar Lee, Eman SV2, Amine Raddi, Danny Aarons, Markitos, Thogden, Adel Khamis.

The match is all for a good cause too, with money being raised for educational opportunities for marginalized children in Palestine, Pakistan, Sudan, Mali, Rwanda and Tanzania.


The match ended with a striking 7-5 scoreline, with Team Chunkz taking home the win, even despite IShowSpeed’s viral blunder — missing an open goal after being set up by former Chelsea star Eden Hazard.

The 19-year-old YouTube star stole the spotlight on several occasions, such as when he two-foot slide tackled one of the “greatest players of all time” Kaká from behind.

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