This ‘criminal’ prison burrito hack has TikTok divided

Maddy Kinkead
tiktok burrito hack

Tommy Winkler, a food TikToker that goes known as ‘The Food Guy’ has a bit of a cult following on the platform, with over 580 million likes at the date of this article being published.

However, he has divided his fans with this video, showing how to make a burrito in prison.

Using a bag of hot cheetos, a pack of ramen, and a cured sausage, Winkler makes a ‘burrito’ that has his viewers divided.

In the video, Winkler can be seen dressed in a white vest and some sweat shorts to really get into the prison mindset. He grabs a pack of ramen and stamps on it until all of the noodles have been broken down into tiny pieces.

He then crushes up the flamin’ hot cheetos in their bag, and pours in the ramen and accompanying flavor packets to the fiery red dust.

To finish it all off, he cuts up a cured sausage with a gift card (no knives in prison), puts that in the bag, adds boiling water, and rolls the cheeto bag into the shape of a burrito and lets it sit for 10 minutes to allow it to ‘cook’.

The result, is a bright red lump of powder with sausage bits in it, that does kind of resemble a burrito. As Winkler bites into the burrito, he doesn’t look impressed with his creation, but he is able to eat it nonetheless and gives it a mark of six out of ten.

People in the comments were affronted by this creation, with one person saying, “My stomach instantly started hurting,” to which Winkler replied, “There were some repercussions.”

Lots of people seconded this opinion, agreeing that he was ‘going to be hugging the toilet.’

However, others were convinced that the burrito looked good, and when someone asked Winkler if it was “good or good?”, he simply replied, “good”.

According to some others in the comments, the real way to make this burrito is to add some cheese spread into the mix, which some said would only make it grosser.

This isn’t the only prison hack that had the internet divided, after Gypsy Rose posted her prison energy drink people had some thoughts.