15 McDonald’s items from around the world that prove the US is missing out

Maddy Kinkead
McDonald's around the world

McDonald’s meals are totally different depending on what country you are in, so here’s the most mouthwatering meals from across the globe that fans in the US will wish they could try.

McDonald’s was established in the US in 1940, and after 50 years, it went international with a store in Moscow, Russia. This was the start of McDonald’s presence around the world and since then they have opened 34,000 stores across 118 countries and serves around 69 million people daily. That’s a lot of Big Macs…

Why is the McDonald’s menu different in every country?

Although a lot of the staple menu items (like the humble cheeseburger) are a constant on every McDonald’s menu around the world, the other items that you will find do tend to vary a lot. This is because McDonald’s tries to bring the taste of US fast food to that country, but also be true to the cuisine of that country. For example, McDonald’s in Japan serves burgers that are flavored with soy sauce, and McDonald’s in the Philippines even serves spaghetti!

15 best McDonald’s items around the world

15. Canada – Poutine

McDonalds poutine from Canada
McPoutine in Canada

If you’ve ever been to Canada, you know that poutine is a large part of their culture. So it’s no surprise then that McDonald’s has their own version of the stuff. They take their regular fries and top them with cheese curds and peppery gravy. McDonald’s in the US might need to start taking notes and serve up some loaded fries because these look really good.

14. Sweden – Toblerone McFlurry

Toblerone chocolate, without the awkward triangle shape that’s really hard to eat. McFlurries are the items that differ most around the world, and in Sweden, McDonald’s tops their McFlurries with real Toblerone chocolate, crispy puffed pieces, and caramel sauce. Sounds pretty delicious, right?

13. India – Chicken Maharaja Mac

Chicken Mac from India
India’s take on a chicken Big Mac

This is like if a Big Mac had chicken and was inspired by Indian spices. The double chicken burger is topped with jalapeño, onion, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and crunchy lettuce and then dressed with habanero sauce.

12. Germany – McShrimp

You’ve probably heard about the elusive McLobster in the US, but in Germany, they take their fish to the next level. These little shrimp get served like chicken nuggets and are deep-fried and served crispy with a cocktail dip.

11. New Zealand – Bubblegum Squash McFlurry

McDonald's bubblegum McFlurry
McDonald’s in New Zealand serves a blue McFlurry

McDonald’s in the US usually focuses its McFlurries around chocolate or candy bar flavors, but what about shaking it up like New Zealand? This McFlurry is made with blue bubble gum syrup and cute marshmallows mixed into the standard soft-serve.

10. Malaysia – Bubur Ayam McD

This is a type of savory porridge that may seem a little odd for those who aren’t used to eating Malaysian food. However, it is served with chopped-up crispy chicken and spring onions and has a nice chili kick. It’s definitely worth a try if you ever find yourself in Malaysia because this probably wouldn’t take off in the US.

9. Philippines – McSpaghetti

McDonald’s serve spaghetti?

Yes, Malaysians can really get spaghetti from McDonald’s. This dish is just standard spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese on top, but it would be super cool to try McDonald’s version of a classic. Plus, you can even order it with a crispy chicken cutlet.

8. Poland – Maestro burger

This beef burger puts the American hamburger to shame. It comes in a specialty seeded bun, with a thick beef patty and melty cheddar cheese. On top of that, McDonald’s Poland slaps on bacon, pickles, crispy onion, lettuce, special mayo, and a sweet barbecue sauce. This is one monster of a burger.

7. Japan – Gracoro Burger

a shrimp burger from McDonald's Japan
A shrimp burger from McDonald’s Japan

Another shrimp burger, but this time from Japan. This burger features a patty of macaroni, shrimp, and white sauce with a breadcrumb crust. The patty is then served in a soft bun with cheese, shredded cabbage, and teriyaki sauce.

6. Malaysia – Cookies & Cream Pie

This little treat is as delicious as it sounds. This is like your typical apple pie, except it’s filled with Oreo-style cookie filling and is served hot and crispy. When will this come to the US?

5. Singapore – Samurai burger

Samurai burger from Singapore
Samurai burger from Singapore

This burger contains a beef patty that has been roasted in soy sauce to make it extra rich and salty. It is then topped with bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and teriyaki sauce and is served on a toasted bun.

4. Australia – Chicken Parmi burger

Chicken parm is a popular food in Australia, and McDonald’s down under has turned it into a burger. The Chicken Parmi Burger is complete with crispy crumbed chicken breast, parmigiana sauce, rasher bacon, jack cheese, lettuce, and a creamy cheese sauce.

3. Japan – Shaka Chiki

McDonald's seasoned chicken in Japan
McDonald’s seasoned chicken in Japan

Lots of McDonald’s around the world serve McShaker fries, which are essentially regular McDonald’s fries that get served with a sachet of seasoning that you can pour into the bag and shake to coat your fries. In Japan though, you can do this with a fried chicken patty too. It comes with a spicy, salty seasoning blend that you sprinkle over the chicken and enjoy. Simple, but delicious.

2. Mexico – McMollettes

These are like a Mexican take on a McMuffin and are typically eaten for breakfast. They are an open muffin served with refried beans, a slice of cheese, and tomato salsa on top. These are like the breakfast burrito of the US, if it was actually good.

1. UK – Chicken and Bacon Caesar McWrap

McDonald's chicken caesar wrap
McDonald’s chicken Caesar wrap

You’re probably still mourning the loss of the snack wrap in the US after it was discontinued. Well, if you ever find yourself in the UK, you’re in luck because they have a whole range of wraps like sweet chili chicken, barbecue chicken, garlic mayo chicken, and the newest, a chicken and bacon Caesar wrap. You’ve probably already booked your flight.

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