Larry Wheels beats Eddie Hall’s insane dumbbell press world record

Larry Wheels pressing 242 lbs for reps.Larry Wheels (YouTube)

YouTube star Larry Wheels is known for his insane feats of strength, but this might have just topped the pack, as he bested Eddie Hall’s 110 kg/242 lbs record from January 2020.

Eddie Hall is a man best known for his long-standing deadlift world record, as well as winning 2017’s World’s Strongest Man in controversial fashion.

Widely regarded as one of the strongest ‘static lifters’ of all time, it’s difficult to imagine that a man almost 100 lbs lighter could ever match Eddie’s level of strength.

But that’s exactly what Larry Wheels managed to do in his most recent attempt to take down another long-standing (and crazy) world record.

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Eddie Hall deadlifting 500 kg for his world record in 2016.Eddie Hall (YouTube)
After reaching the pinnacle of strength sports, Eddie has since traded in the bar for gloves.

Larry Wheels presses 242 lbs for reps

After he ‘failed’ his first attempt — by only managing one and half repetitions with weights banded onto the heaviest dumbbells in his gym — Larry revisited the challenge by taping the weights together.

With a more stable grip, Larry pressed the 110 kg/242 lbs dumbbells for three reps — two more than what Eddie managed with the same weight!

For context, the average woman weighs 170 lbs, and the average man clocks in at around 198 lbs. So Larry is literally pressing two fully grown humans and then some!

This comes just over a year after Larry Wheels tore his bicep while training Atlas Stones in preparation for his first official Strongman contest. Despite injuring his arm severely, the 25-year-old recovered and continued to train heavy.

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Larry documented his struggles with rehabbing his bicep injury — but didn’t let this hold him back. In March 2020, Larry managed to break the Powerlifting world record, by compiling a total of 2,370 lbs lifting in Squat (870 lbs), Bench (645 lbs), and Deadlift (855 lbs) — edging past the previous total by just 0.1 lbs!