The Beast vs the Mountain fight postponed as Eddie Hall suffers horrific injury

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The highly anticipated boxing match between Eddie “the Beast” Hall and Hafthor “the Mountain” Bjornsson has been indefinitely postponed due to a horrific injury sustained by Hall.

Many were excited for the matchup between rival strongmen, the Beast and the Mountain. Aside from exciting nicknames, both men are professional weightlifters who, themselves, weigh over 300 pounds. 

Unfortunately, the matchup has had to be delayed. This is a serious disappointment for both fans and the fighters, especially considering how shredded Hall’s training had helped him become and how confident Bjornsson’s preparation had him feeling

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Around two months before the scheduled fight, Hall revealed the devastating news on July 25. Apparently, during a recent training session, the 33-year-old strongman suffered a detached bicep while throwing a punch.

As Hall explained, he’s already gotten surgery for the injury and things are looking up. While the fight will, understandably, need to be delayed, he is confident that he’ll be back in form soon enough for a reschedule.

For the timeline, the Beast laid it all out on the table based on the doctor’s orders: “Two weeks I’ll be back training, three weeks, four weeks, I think about six weeks I can start back boxing. And then it’s the comeback.”

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Past that, he made sure to mention how this affects his bout with Hafthor — and toss in some trash talk: “It’s not the end of the world and yes, it gives Thor an advantage, but he needs all the advantage he can get so I’m not that bothered really.” 

Later, footage did emerge of the uncomfortable injury. Just as he explained, Hall goes to throw a right hook and immediately reels in pain. It definitely seemed like a painful injury, but — on the plus side — Hall appears happy with his surgery and confident in his recovery timeline.

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While the fight was originally scheduled for September 18, 2021, this detached bicep situation certainly clouds the schedule. It appears that Bjornsson will get to fight someone else, as scheduled, but fans will need to wait for an update on the rescheduled bout between Mountain and Beast.