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Twitch streamer accidentally quits FFXIV Endwalker in hilarious fashion

Published: 15/Dec/2021 21:11 Updated: 15/Dec/2021 21:47

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch streamer and YouTube star Jesse Cox was broadcasting Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Endwalker expansion when he quit the game in the funniest way possible, putting him directly back in a long queue of players.

Since FFXIV’s newest expansion, Endwalker, was released on December 7, players have been dealing with the frustrating problem of long queue times.

Even a week after the new content was released, fans are still dealing with waiting in a long line to play the game.

Streamer and popular gaming personality Jesse Cox knows all too well how long the wait times to play FFXIV can get, and when he accidentally quit the game and found himself back in the queue, he darn near lost it.


Final Fantasy Endwalker character
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Endwalker is FFXIV’s fourth expansion.

Streamer’s priceless FFXIV error boots him from game

Jesse Cox was streaming FFXIV Endwalker on December 14 when the incident occurred.

He had just begun his adventure in Endwalker when he came across a comfy bed and said, “It’s been so long since I’ve seen the roll onto bed, roll-off bed animation that we have to do it.”

The streamer examined the options the bed gives the player: “Log Out? Wait, never mind,” Jesse said, then mistakenly clicked the “Exit Game” option.

It seems that Jesse had forgotten that beds in FFXIV allow players to exit out of the game, leading to this incredible moment.

Thankfully, the queue times weren’t too bad that day, and he was able to log back in after a small waiting period.


FFXIV Online players should beware of beds, as they may cause your character to get sleepy and want to stop adventuring.