How to play FFXIV Endwalker early access

Endwalker character in FFVIX OnlineSquare Enix

Final Fantasy XIV Online’s highly anticipated Endwalker expansion is not too far away, and if you want to play through early access, here’s what you need to know.

Over the last few months, Final Fantasy XIV has made its mark on the MMO scene, with many diehard World of Warcraft players getting involved amid a myriad of frustrations with WoW.

New and long-time FFXIV Online players alike are all prepping for the Endwalker expansion which will see them do battle with some fierce new enemies, travel to brand new cities, and even get to play as new characters.

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Following a recent delay, the release of the highly anticipated expansion has been knocked back further, with players not able to jump in until December 7. However, like plenty of other games, there will be an early access period.

FFXIV Alphinaud and his sister stand beside warrior of light in a fiery battleSquare Enix
Final Fantasy XIV maintains a constant content pipeline through a monthly fee.

The early access period will be available to FFXIV Online players who have purchased either the standard edition or the Digital Collector’s Edition of the Endwalker expansion.

These players will get a 20-digit early access code that can be redeemed before the start of the early access period which kicks off on December 3.

If you’re one of these players and you’ve got a code, you simply need to link the code to the account that you want to play on and you’ll be eligible to jump in ahead of other players.

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How to join Endwalker early access in FFXIV Online

  1. Once you’ve got your early access code, log into Final Fantasy’s Mog Station
  2. Select the service account you want to redeem early access on
  3. Select the ‘enter pre-order bonus code’ option and type in your code
  4. From there, press the ‘next’ option to confirm your bonus
  5. You’re now able to join in with the early access period for Endwalker!
FFXIV-Endwalker-release-delaySquare Enix
The long-awaited Endwalker expansion has been delayed until December 7.

When does Endwalker early access end?

As noted, early access starts on December 3 and players will have until 11:59 PM in their respective timezone on December 10 before the period comes to an end.

Obviously, if you want to keep playing beyond this period, you’ll have to register an Endwalker expansion code with your account following the same steps as above!