Final Fantasy 14 confirms big Fantasia update coming in Dawntrail

Philip Trahan
ffxiv fantasia female character

Final Fantasy 14 fans can expect some long-awaited changes to the Fantasia system alongside the release of the Dawntrail expansion.

According to information released as part of FF14’s Live Letter 81, producer and director Naoki Yoshida confirmed that Dawntrail will include a free Phial of Fantasia for all players.

Through patch 7.0, the game will feature a new early questline in Ul’dah, where an NPC will teach players about the Fantasia system. After progressing through the quest, the NPC will gift players one free Phial of Fantasia.

For those who may not know, the Fantasia system is FF14’s character creator, which players can usually only tweak at the beginning of their adventure.

final fantasy 14 phial of fantasia
Final Fantasy 14’s Phial of Fantasia item lets players change their character’s appearance one time.

If players are unhappy with their character’s physical appearance, they can purchase a Phial of Fantasia from the store for $10. Now, all players will gain access to one free appearance change following Dawntrail’s release.

Additionally, this latest expansion will change some aspects of the in-game item. After the update, players will have 60 in-game minutes to customize their appearance after using the Phial. This means fans can close out the editor and walk around the world to see if they like their new appearance, or go back into the editor to tweak things until the timer ends.

Previously, once one exited the Fantasia system, the changes were locked in.

This Live Letter also confirmed the team was adjusting character appearance based on player feedback following the Dawntrail benchmark.

Among those changes are adjustments to the teeth for Miqo’te and Lalafel after some fans took issue with their appearance in the benchmark.

final fantasy 14 lalafel appearance changes

Additionally, the team will adjust the lighting settings in the Dawntrail benchmark before launch, as the previous settings gave the wrong impression of how certain NPCs were meant to look.

Final Fantasy 14 community members will no doubt be looking forward to Dawntrail—especially if they want to try out the newly introduced female Hrothgar.

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