FFXIV players are using new dance poles in the weirdest possible ways

. 6 months ago
ffxiv dance pole cat girl
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Final Fantasy XIV Online’s latest Endwalker update, patch 6.05, added the dance pole to FFXIV, but players are using them in the weirdest ways possible.

Despite the excitement involved in traversing the war-torn plains of Endwalker‘s Eorzea, a lot of Final Fantasy XIV Online players prefer to use the game as a place to chill out with friends and fellow guild members.

Integral to this is the property system, which lets solo players and Free Companies (FC) purchase plots of land and construct the house of their dreams. Accompanying the new Pandaemonium Asphodelos (Savage) raid and the Excitatron 6000 in FFXIV’s 6.05 patch are a whole host of new items to add to your home away from home.

One of these is the ‘dance pole,’ acquired via the Gold Saucer, and it has become a hit with Eorzea’s inhabitants – but not in the way you might think.

ffxiv house in Limsa Lominsa
Square Enix
This quaint little abode can house everything from a disco to an FC headquarters.

The FFXIV dance pole is a hit… kind of

While you may assume that the new dance poles have become popular for, y’know, dancing, it turns out that they cannot be interacted with, and are therefore simply decorative. This has led to FFXIV players using them in weird and wonderful ways.

One player notes that they “found a practical use” for the coveted item. Having turned it into a pipe for their toilet, another fan comments “you have indoor plumbing at your house? How fancy.”

Another has positioned adorable fan-favorite chocobo Alpha (or possibly Boco) behind the pole, with his extended wing and leg making it look like he’s ready to take a spin.

“I do love a good chicken strip,” jokes one player, which is followed up with “not what I expected when the sign said ‘Chicks Dancing.'”

While the pole has absolutely no practical use, at least it has brought smiles to the faces of Eorzea’s heroes. With several comments hinting at Square Enix to add a custom animation, we’ll have to wait and see if the devs choose to let players go for a whirl in the future.

Until then, though, get creative. After all, you need to max out your Dancer job, right?

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