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RunTheFUTMarket recommends FIFA 20 Flashback Militão despite 500k price

Published: 14/May/2020 18:12 Updated: 18/May/2020 12:38

by Jacob Hale


Popular FIFA YouTuber RunTheFUTMarket has become a trustworthy name when it comes to deciding which players you should invest in in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and now he’s singing the praises of Premium Flashback Éder Militão as a must-have in your squad.

Once you reach a certain stage in the Ultimate Team calendar, you’ve normally got a pretty good idea of the squad or players you want to build, but if you had any plans of skipping Éder Militão’s pricey SBC, you might want to think again.

Although it ends up costing in excess of 500,000 coins to complete the SBC, RunTheFUTMarket – real name Nick Bartels – can’t get enough of the card, and he hardly had a single bad word to say of it.


Premium Flashback Militao has some impressive stats.

The Real Madrid centre-back is 90-rated, meaning he isn’t exactly the most prolific player in his position, with the likes of teammates Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos much more desired players to have lining up in front of your keeper, especially with their Team of the Season So Far upgrades.

Bartels, though, thinks Militão has a lot to offer – and says he might even opt for him over Varane, who has become a FIFA Ultimate Team favorite in recent years.

After showing off some gameplay of his new squad member, Nick said that Flashback Éder Militão is “nothing short of phenomenal.”


(Timestamp 12:14 for mobile viewers)

He went on to say that it is “literally a fantastic card” and that “he was hanging with Rashford, was catching up with everybody and anyone” before describing the card as “endgame,” which we can only assume means he thinks a lot of it.

He did add, though, that he wasn’t entirely convinced by Militão’s strength, although it didn’t seem to put him off using the card that much, and he seemed more to be accepting that the card isn’t entirely perfect.

So if you’ve been convinced by RunTheFUTMarket and want to give Éder Militão a go, make sure you check out our guide for the best solutions to completing the Flashback SBC.


If you’re not a big fan, though, let us know who you’ve got holding it down at the back by tweeting us at @UltimateTeamUK and share your teams so we can see exactly what you’re rocking with.