Real Madrid’s Courtois reveals early FIFA 23 card upgrade demands

Alan Bernal
EA Sports

Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has made an early plea to EA SPORTS over his FIFA 23 card, and he wants a significant upgrade. 

Generally speaking, forwards and midfield players will often have more stars in their skill ratings than defenders or, especially, goalkeepers. That’s why it’s not uncommon for high-rated defenders to have low stars in these kinds of categories.

Courtois is one of the most prized keepers in FIFA 22, boasting a base 89 overall rating, and he thinks it’s time EA SPORTS’ analytics team gives him more credit for his ground game.

As it stands, the left-footer has a one-star skill rating and a 3/5 rating for his weak foot, but he wants to see some buffs in the future. The next major reshuffle, of course, will be FIFA 23.

Courtois wants FIFA 23 card upgrade

Thibaut Courtois fifa 2022EA Sports
Thibaut Courtois wants updates to his FIFA 2022 stats, but not for defense.

To prove his boots are worth five-star moves, the Madrid goalie directed a video of himself during team practice to the studio of him strutting his stuff.

The clip shows him doing a rainbow flick pass to himself before catching the ball and throwing it to a teammate nearby.

While it’s not the most back-breaking of tricks, it still has to be better than the lowly one-star rating that he has now.

The player wants to get a bit more out of it, though, ribbing the devs with a simple plea, saying: “five skill rating?”

He already has a top rating for the defensive stats that matter but Courtois wants the devs to at least consider giving his moveset a bump.

It’s worth noting that the basic Rainbow Flick he showed off would require at least a 4-star skill rating for someone to pull it off in the simulator. An Advanced Rainbow Flick, however, needs a 5-star rating.

Though it wasn’t the five-star iteration that Courtois is trying to squeeze out of EA, the Madrid star is building up his case to improve his rating for FIFA 23.