NBA star Joel Embiid’s ridiculous 30-0 FUT Champs FIFA 21 Ultimate Team revealed

Bill Cooney

NBA star Joel Embiid recently went 30-0 in FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team, and the stacked squad he used to do it was revealed not long after.

It’s no secret that Embiid, one of the NBA’s biggest stars right now, is a huge FIFA fan. It’s practically all he posts about on Twitter, and he’s even playable as an in-game character in VOLTA. Recently he accomplished a major milestone for any player: going 30-0 in FUT Champions.

Perhaps to keep his competitive edge, Embidd hasn’t actually posted any pictures of the lineup he went undefeated with. Every player knows you don’t want your opponent to know what they’re facing, but thanks to some investigative internet users we now know what players he used to reach 30-0.

We’ve written plenty of times about pro footballers sharing their Ultimate Team lineups, but Embiid might be the first NBA player that’s big enough into FIFA to warrant a story of his own.

Since none of Embiid’s squad lineups we’ve seen have been officially posted by the player himself, take this lineup with a grain of salt as it could very well get changed by him soon.

Joel Embiid’s FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You think Embiid has enough ICONs here?

Embiid’s squad is stacked, to say the very least. It’s even better than the one officially featured in FIFA a few weeks ago, which just goes to show how active a player the big man really is. Looking at the 92 Overall Squad Rating, 100 Chemistry, and six ICON cards present, it’s not hard to see how he achieved 30-0.

  • GK: Edwin Van Der Sar (89)
  • CB: Kyle Walker (86)
  • CB: Raphael Varane (88)
  • LB: Theo Fernandez (87)
  • RB: Carlos Alberto ‘Capita’ Torres (90)
  • CDM: Ruud Gullit (90)
  • CDM: Patrick Vieira (91)
  • CAM: Pele (95)
  • CAM: Cristiano Ronaldo (98)
  • CAM: Kylian Mbappe (97)
  • ST: Ronaldo (96)

Unlike the pro footballers who share their teams, Embiid was sadly not able to include himself in his Ultimate Team lineup, as he’s only available to play in VOLTA.

It remains to be seen how long Embiid can keep his streak going, but based on the lineup of cards he currently has, and the fact he’s obviously an active manager grabbing the best cards he can, we’d say 60-0 isn’t out of reach at all.

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