Liverpool FC plans for ‘LFC Gaming’ revealed with FIFA integration

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Champions League finalists Liverpool F.C. has announced the launch of LFC Gaming, a platform to connect with fans via tournaments for FIFA and other gaming titles.

The Anfield club is one of the most popular on Earth, with a fanbase that stretches far beyond its English territory.

In order to expand its reach beyond just sports, it has announced a collaboration with community engagement platform Rival to launch LFC Gaming.

Mohammed Salah in FIFA 22EA SPORTS
Salah has become the face of Liverpool F.C.

Liverpool FC reveals LFC Gaming

LFC Gaming, announced on May 11, offers fans a way to compete in tournaments in the FIFA football sim under the umbrella of the popular English club.

Tournaments for LFC Gaming start as early as May 13, and require players to create an account on the Rival website to participate.

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As of now, FIFA is the only game LFC Gaming is hosting tournaments for, but could certainly integrate games like Call of Duty and Apex Legends in the future.

EA Sports FCEA Sports
EA SPORTS FC will be the new name, replacing FIFA.

FIFA as we know it is going to change in the future as the ‘FIFA’ title will be dropped for the newly revealed ‘EA SPORTS FC.’

FIFA 23 will be the final game in the series to have the name in the title and after that, it will transfer over to the new EA SPORTS FC branding for the next installment.

As video games continue to become a growth area in the professional space, look out for more football clubs beyond Liverpool to expand into competitive gaming.

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