Will FIFA 23 be EA’s next football game? EA Sports FC rebrand to start in 2023

Rodrygo celebrating in FIFA 22EA Sports

EA’s decision to drop the FIFA license has floored many long-time fans of the series and has also opened up many questions. The one we’re answering today is whether or not their next simulated football game will be FIFA 23 or EA Sports FC 23.

The thought of there being no FIFA game seems unimaginable, that’s how accustomed we’ve become to the EA’s football franchise. FIFA 22 was the most recent release and whilst it may not have ticked all the boxes, it was still another fine offering of the beautiful game.

Now, after the May 10, 2022 announcement, people are now wondering if it was the last game to feature the FIFA branding. Is the new EA SPORTS FC name going to be applied as soon as, what would be, FIFA 23? We’ll answer all of this today.

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phil foden staring into the camera in fifa 22EA
Foden is expected to be a star for years to come and could be a contender for EA SPORTS FC’s first cover.


The developers themselves have confirmed that their next game will be called FIFA 23 and that the rebranding will officially begin once the game’s lifecycle has concluded.

So after FIFA 22, we will get one final hurrah for EA’s version of FIFA football, after that, subsequent EA football games will be known as EA SPORTS FC.

In an official statement regarding the decision, EA said: “We’re incredibly excited to build the future of global football with all of you, and will be happy to share more info on EA SPORTS FC in Summer 2023. The future of the sport is very big and bright, and football fandom is reaching across every corner of the world. Global football has been part of EA SPORTS for nearly thirty years – and today, we’re ensuring that it will be for decades to come.”

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The key takeaway here is that information on EA SPORTS FC 2023 will only begin in Summer 2023. This will allow EA to expand upon their game and implement new ideas and features they otherwise haven’t been able to under the FIFA banner.

Trent alexander arnold passing a ball in fifa 22EA
How much of an impact will the name chance have on the game?

EA CEO Andrew Wilson informed IGN about player feedback: “They told us they wanted more modalities of play. They told us they wanted to see more commercial partners in the game that are representative and authentic to the broad global world of football,” said Wilson. “They’re telling us they want us to move beyond just the core experience and really build out this digital football experience.”

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FIFA 23 will signal the end of a long and fruitful partnership and it will be interesting to see which direction EA takes the series moving forward.

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