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In-game stats for FIFA 20 FUT Season 6 storyline cards revealed

Published: 25/Apr/2020 15:40

by Connor Bennett


The stats for the six all-new storyline objective cards in FIFA 20 Ultimate Teams have been revealed, with Samuel Umtiti, Mario Gotze, and Pedro proving to be the pick of the bunch for season six.

While the formula for FIFA Ultimate Team has largely remained the same for a few years, EA SPORTS added a few different wrinkles with FIFA 20. The most noticeable difference, aside from the gameplay, of course, has been the additions of the seasons and storylines.

The XP earned from finishing games, completing squad building objectives, challenges, and even just buying players from the market now accumulates into rewards. While many of these are cosmetics, packs, and coin boosts – levels 15 and 30 have three cards each for you to choose from.


Select FIFA cards are transformed into Storyline Objectives.

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With season six going live on Friday, April 23, six all-new cards were added in as objective rewards – Ianis Hagi, Mohamed Elyounoussi, and Juan Agudelo at level 15, as well as Samuel Umtiti, Mario Gotze, and Pedro at level 30. 

As in the past, these cards come from a variety of leagues in FUT – with the Scottish Premier League, MLS, Bundesliga, La Liga Santander, and Premier League being used here. So, let’s explore the new cards and their stats. 

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Ianis Hagi FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

Even though they’ve seemingly fallen short in the league this year, Rangers have had some dangerous cards in FUT 20. The name Ryan Kent will send chills down the spine of many fans. 


Hagi’s card looks like something that could rival Kent as a lethal card. His 95 sprint speed and 91 acceleration means he’s quick off the blocks, while 83 shooting means he knows how to finish. 97 stamina means he’ll run all day, too.

Hagi’s in-game stats.

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Mohamed Elyounoussi FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

On the opposite side of the Old Firm divide to Hagi stands Elyounoussi. The Norwegian winger has been a nightmare for defences in FIFA for a number of years, with this card taking it up a notch.

Like Hagi, his 87 sprint speed and 94 acceleration means he’ll burn defenders, while 88 and 90 shot power makes him someone to respect around the 18-yard box. 93 ball control and dribbling will make him a nuisance to take dispossess. 


Elyounoussi’s in-game stats.

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Juan Agudelo FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

The final level 15 storyline card comes in the form of Juan Agudelo. The Inter Miami striker is 87-rated, just like the other two, and comes as a striker – not CAM or LM. 

The American striker is ultra-quick with 94 sprint speed and 90 acceleration, while he also knows where the net is – 83 finishing is evidence of that. Though, just the 82 stamina is a downside. 

Agudelo’s in-game stats.

Pedro FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

As a 90-rated card, Pedro is certainly a step up from the three level 15 players, but you will have to work pretty hard for it as level 30 is not an easy mountain to climb.

Chelsea’s Spanish forward clocks in with 93 acceleration and 87 sprint speed, so he is reasonably quick. 89 finishing, 88 shot power, and 90 long shots mean you will have to defend him pretty seriously.


Pedro’s in-game stats.

Mario Gotze FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

The other standout level 30 card comes in the form of Mario Gotze. The Borussia Dortmund midfielder has never been the easiest of customers to play against, and this 90-rated card is more of the same.

He has 98 ball control, 92 dribbling, 87 finishing, and 90 long passing to go with his 90 short passing. 88 stamina won’t impress many players, but the other stats will. 

Gotze’s in-game stats.

Samuel Umtiti FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

The final level 30 card is a 90-rated version of Barcelona’s defender Samuel Umtiti. The Frenchman is typically a sought after card and this one should prove to be no different.

His 81 sprint speed means he can recover in defence, though, that is if someone can get past him. Umtiti has 91 strength, 93 slide tackle, and 92 interceptions. 88 short passing means he can play out from the back too.


Umtiti’s in-game stats.

Once you hit the respective level for these cards, you will only be able to choose one from each – so be careful. 

These cards will be cycled out on Friday, June 5 so make sure that you try and get who you’re after!