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FIFA 20 FUT Champs rewards issue finally fixed for Gold 2+ players

Published: 15/May/2020 7:50 Updated: 15/May/2020 7:52

by David Purcell


Update, May 15: EA SPORTS have confirmed they have solved the issue that was causing La Liga TOTSSF player picks not to appear in this week’s FUT Champions rewards. Rewards have now been distributed.

“We have completed the distribution of the missing Weekend League rewards for Gold 2 and above players, the FIFA publishers said.

“Appreciate you sticking with us while we resolved this.”

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Original story:

FIFA 20 players have been left furious as the latest batch of FUT Champions rewards look like they are bugged, with La Liga player picks not appearing for many who had been grinding away at Weekend League. 


There has been problems in the past with EA SPORTS’ Weekend League rewards and once again it looks like Red Player Picks have been affected.

Players would have been expecting to see not just Turkish Super Lig Team of the Season So Far players included in their rewards, but for higher achievers, also La Liga TOTSSF picks as well. However, many have been left wondering about what happened to the latter.

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Those who win a lot of games in FUT Champs are rewarded with Red Player Picks, which should be guaranteed TOTSSF players.

As usual, the rewards were delivered to those who participated in this week’s competition at 9am on Thursday, although some were shocked to see they hadn’t been rewarded correctly for the amount of wins they had picked up.


After receiving them, however, EA’s social media accounts have been flooded by bemused players, wondering why TOTSSF cards for La Liga haven’t been included.

“I have achieved Gold 2 in FUT Champs, however I have no La Liga FUT player in my rewards,” one tweeted, while another said: “I got Gold 2 but I didn’t get a La Liga in my second pick? Is this meant to happen?”

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It’s worth noting that others have received their rewards successfully, so it looks like not all have been impacted by the bug.

EA confirmed the problem, too, as seen above, and have doubled down on their efforts by disabling unclaimed rewards that have been affected.


We’ll keep adding fresh information to this article, but for more updates on FUT Champs rewards stick with us on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK. Hopefully, it will be sorted out sooner rather than later.