FIFA 23 anti-cheat flamed as exploit lets some players kick opponent from games

FIFA 23 exploitEA Sports

EA introduced an anti-cheat for FIFA 23 on PC but cheaters have already found a workaround, with a devastating exploit allowing players to be kicked from games.

Crashing, missing features, and cheaters made FIFA on PC a frustrating experience for years. EA attempted to even the playing field by introducing an anti-cheat on PC for FIFA 23. The EA AntiCheat (EAAC) prevents files and software from being injected into the game.

FIFA 23’s launch on PC, unfortunately, didn’t go as planned. An ‘unrecoverable error‘ message prevented players from logging into the game, and players blasted the game’s poorly implemented FUT cross-platform transfer market.

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Just under a week into the game’s lifespan, cheaters discovered a way to use exploits on PC; earning free wins, kicking opponents, and boosting stats.

van dijk passing a ball in fifa 23EA Sports
Players are getting free wins by using a cheat tool on PC.

FIFA 23 players expose PC cheating tool

Twitter user AsarJR claimed to sneak into a Discord server selling cheat tools and shared video evidence of them giving players free wins.

The FIFA player said, “So FIFA 23 hasn’t completed one week since the release, and there are already many Cheat tools made. However, EA released an Anti-Cheat, which is supposed to be the strongest Anti-cheat on the earth.”

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In the video above, the accused cheater won a FUT Draft Match with a simple click after the kick-off. It is not confirmed whether the tool works for other game modes, but the Twitter user shared the cheater’s Discord channel.

In the channel description, Cheat Army offers several different exploits, such as free wins after kick-off, kicking opponents, freezing games, and boosting player stats.

EA has not responded to the allegations, but we will provide an update if the developers issue a statement.

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If Console players are worried about running into cheaters, there is an option to turn cross-play off to avoid playing against PC players.

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