FIFA 22’s “BS” stadiums are ruining games and fans are furious

Mbappe in FIFA 22 ultimate team stadiumEA SPORTS

FIFA 22 has enjoyed a pretty strong start to its cycle, however, there are a few issues with stadiums that some players just can’t get over and want EA to address ASAP. 

For years, one of the simplest requests that FIFA fans had for EA SPORTS was more customization when it comes to modes like Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Pro Clubs.

In FIFA 21, EA answered those calls with customizable FUT Stadiums, allowing players to change the size and overall look of their home ground – and they’ve only added to it in FIFA 22.

However, there are plenty of “toxic” set-ups that players just can’t abide by. Some players use outrageous color schemes in a bid to bamboozle their opponents and force them to quit, and players have had enough.

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FIFA 22 stadiums can be customized quite a bit.

One of the most popular ways to annoy fellow FUT players is by having green-colored goals and touchlines. The touchlines are especially frustrating because you can, quite easily, just run out of play without noticing or not see where the opposition’s box is.

Players have called these tactics “BS” and suggested that EA needs to get a grip on them before FUT games become unplayable later down the line.

“Why on earth did EA think it was smart to put green lines in the game?” asked one confused fan. “It really sucks too when the opponent chooses a ball that you can’t even see on the pitch,” added another.

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The problems aren’t just limited to Ultimate Team, either. Drop into a game of Clubs with the Brentford Community Stadium and you might be in for a shock.

Some players have been unable to see because of the bright sun issue that appears from time to time, and there’s also a possibility for extreme snow too that completely whites out the ground.

Ultimately, only EA SPORTS can address these issues and they may have to do so before long.

They could take out the bizarre colors altogether, brighten them up so it’s easy to tell the difference between the touchline and the pitch, or just give players the option to use their own stadiums.

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