FIFA 22 update 12 patch notes: Cross-play invite fix, FUT matchmaking bug

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The FIFA 22 update 12 patch notes are here as EA looks to address some of the more troubling bugs that have popped up in FUT matchmaking, as well as make amends to cross-play invites.

As players look forward to future promos like the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team of the Season and the like, the developers over at EA are taking a stab at quelling some of the more prominent issues facing the games online modes.

That’s largely what we see in the game’s 12th title update with the focus shifting to internal systems rather than making sweeping changes to gameplay or individual modes.

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FUT matchmaking in FIFA 22 should be much smoother for some modes.

FIFA Ultimate patch 12 fix

EA have issued a fix for a bug that would cause players to wait for a Public Co-Op match, even though a game for them had already been found.

This has been a problem for people looking to get into a quick game with a friend, and the devs hope this update will be enough to put the issue to bed.

However, in order to fix it, EA has disabled voice communication in FUT. They did not say when the feature would be back in the game.

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FIFA 22’s title 12 update should put an end to blocked players sending game invites.

FIFA 22 cross-play & block bugs

FIFA 22 got a few bug fixes to social settings in the 12th title patch that rectifies interactions with blocked players.

For example, there was a glitch that let players send game invites to people who blocked them if the cross-play invite was sent before getting blocked. It was a strange loophole, admittedly, but one that EA hopes to stop from happening again.

The update should start hitting FIFA 22 players on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series S|X, and Stadia with little to no downtime on June 2.

To get a full rundown of what’s coming, look down below for the complete FIFA 22 title 12 patch notes, courtesy of EA.

FIFA 22 update 12 patch notes

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issue:

  • In some instances, players were still attempting to matchmake for Public Co-Op matches despite a match being found. * In order to address this issue, voice communication has been disabled in FUT.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following change:

  • Updated some kits and 2D portraits.

Addressed the following issues:

  • [PS5, XSX|S, Stadia Only] A player could accept a Cross-play invitation from another blocked player if the invitation was sent before the block occurred.
  • [PS5, XSX|S, Stadia Only] Blocking a friend through the Online Friendlies UI required the block to be performed two times in order for the blocked friend to no longer be seen.

Thanks to those who’ve provided feedback. Throughout the course of the FIFA 22 season, we’ll provide you with more information and updates if and when they become available. Be sure to follow EAFIFADIRECT on Twitter and the EASF Tracker for the latest updates.


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