FIFA 22 Ultimate Team no loss glitch exposed in viral TikTok

Jacob Hale
fifa 22 header real madrid

Once again, FIFA 22 players have found a way to cheat themselves out of losing in Ultimate Team, with a no loss glitch going viral on TikTok.

No loss glitches are seemingly impossible to avoid for FIFA. Every year there’s a new method for players to find ways to avoid taking a loss, which is especially aggravating when it comes to FUT Champs and other competitive modes.

Just a couple of weeks after FIFA 22 officially launched, players have already discovered the exploit to never take an official match loss again, much to the frustration of players that want to earn their FUT Champs wins and rewards legitimately.

Thanks to this viral TikTok from apexskillz, though, it looks like many more players know how to abuse the exploit, and we could see it become far more common in FUT matches going forwards.

In order to avoid having a notch added to his loss column, apexskillz simply opened the PlayStation menu and sat on it for around 30 seconds, waiting for the game to kick him out.

Eventually it kicked him out of the match and, upon returning to the FIFA Ultimate Team menu, apexskillz still had the 3 matches remaining that he had before using the glitch.

Obviously, we don’t condone using no loss glitches in FIFA, and some comments have even suggested that they were banned after doing it, though we can’t verify that for certainty.

Whether EA fix the glitch remains to be seen, but they may have bigger issues on their plate as they seek out a brand new name for the franchise, following news that they’re exploring the idea of dropping the FIFA moniker.