FIFA 22 pass autolock glitch is passing to the wrong team

Bill Cooney
EA Sports

A FIFA 22 glitch that’s making players pass the ball to the opposing team is becoming incredibly frustrating, and ruining games for players.

In any sports game, but especially FIFA 22, being able to accurately get the ball where you want it to go is key.

That’s why this new glitch is so infuriating for players, since it literally sends the ball right where you don’t want it to go… the opposing team.

FIFA 22 passes to the wrong player

As you can see in the clip below, when the player went to pass out of goal with their keeper, it instead sent the ball to the opposing attacker.

With a free shot on goal, they easily find the back of the net, but that’s not what should have happened at all.


During the replay, you can clearly see the player was aiming at their own teammate though, which means this is most likely a game-breaking bug.

It’s not the first time this issue has come up, either. Simply open up social media or Reddit, and you’ll see a ton of players complaining that passing has been straight up broken for awhile now.

“I knew this wasn’t just in my head,” one player replied. “I’ve conceded so many dumb goals because the goalie passes to the wrong player.”

FIFA 22 Mbappe PSG
This FIFA 22 glitch can literally change the course of a game if it happens at the right time.

It’s not just goalies, as any player on the field can apparently just decide to pass it to the wrong player.

You may be wondering: Why is this happening? It’s tough to say, but suggestions range from latency with FIFA servers, to a problem with assisted passing, or the game engine simply breaking down.

Sadly for some players, though, it will just be an excuse for a poor pass.