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FIFA 21 glitch does something very weird to goalkeepers

Published: 10/Dec/2020 16:46

by Jacob Hale


FIFA 21 players have fallen victim to a very strange glitch that is making their goalkeepers do something very weird, essentially forcing them out of play.

As with any AAA title, FIFA 21 hasn’t launched without a few minor bugs and issues here and there, such as this unsaveable chip shot that is starting to run riot in Ultimate Team.

This glitch, though, will leave you without a goalkeeper and essentially end the game early — without any rewards.

It’s not clear what exactly is going on, but this definitely needs to be fixed.

If there’s one player you don’t want going missing during a big match, it’s the goalkeeper.

Bizarre FIFA 21 goalkeeper glitch

As you can see in the clip below, certain scenarios are forcing goalkeepers to get stuck behind the goal, and it looks like a growing number of players are starting to fall victim to it.


Originally posted to Reddit by tealyg99, he was given a foul and was to take the free-kick on the goal line, promptly phasing his goalkeeper behind the net and unable to take the kick, as he simply runs into the net over and over again.

In the comments of the post, tealyg explained that he was finally disconnected from the server 38 minutes into added time, unable to find a way to get back into the action.

This seems to be a common issue, too. Many of the commenters in the post say they’ve been suffering from something similar, reporting that it’s happening to them in Squad Battles, potentially meaning it’s a glitch found only in that mode.


Of course, there’s no way of knowing yet how or why this is happening, but hopefully EA SPORTS will find the reason and a solution before long, because this could become a serious problem if it spreads any more than it has.