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FIFA 20 player claims to have found ultimate “scripting” counter

Published: 26/Jun/2020 17:48

by Jacob Hale


A FIFA 20 player believes he has found the perfect counter to ‘scripting’ in the game that could turn and your team’s fortunes around.

For those unaware, many FIFA players believe that something they’ve dubbed “scripting” definitely exists, with the game itself seemingly stealthily granting teams more or less momentum and luck depending on what the score is.

This could be when you’re 2-0 up with 10 minutes left to go and suddenly you feel as though your players can’t do anything, while your opponent is making plays like they’re 2009 Barcelona and not putting a foot wrong.


EA SPORTS have always vehemently denied the existence of scripting in the game, but nonetheless, players are convinced, so much so that some have gone about finding ways to counter the mechanic to get their team back on track to hold out for the win.

trent alexander arnold free kick in fifa 20
Many players firmly believe in the existence of “scripting” in FIFA 20.

This is exactly what Reddit user seedsrevolution has done, and they think they’ve found exactly what is needed.

In a lengthy Reddit post, seedsrevolution explains that they believe scripting is real and can be triggered by certain things, with the example used being based around possession.

According to the user, “kick off goals happen often because the algorithm sees that the team with the ball has 100% possession and thus they get boosted, making every pass connect more easily, player positioning improved to godlike status, and shots more likely to score.”


fifa 20 player provides counter to scripting
Reddit: seedsrevolution
Seedsrevolution believes they know the exact way to counter scripting in FIFA 20.

He goes on to provide what he believes to be the perfect counter to this scripting, so here’s what you should try if you think the game is working against you:

  • Play simple possession
  • If you’re defending, play very short passes and try to slowly move the ball up the field
  • Constantly use R1/RB and L1/LB to move players to better positions – don’t take any chances
  • When attacking, simply try to make short passes that can’t be intercepted
  • Resume normal play when you feel your players are starting to return to “normal” status
fifa 20 kylian mbappe psg
The solution might just be placebo, but seedsrevolution believes it works perfectly.

Obviously, there is still no definitive proof that scripting exists in the game, so take all of this with a pinch of salt: but if it helps you get a win, then more power to you!

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