FIFA 19 Web App Trading Guide | How to Make FUT Coins

David Cotton

The FIFA Web App is an online application where Ultimate Team users can manage their squads and trade players using the FUT transfer market. Learn how to make FUT coins with our exclusive FIFA 19 Web App trading guide!

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The FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Web App is not only for trading, users can now also complete SBCs (Squad Building Challenges), as well as Daily and Weekly Objectives. FUT Champions Rewards and FUT Division Rivals Rewards can also be redeemed.

The FUT Web App has become an integral part of FIFA Ultimate Team over the years, many users actually prefer using it (and the Companion App) for trading and coin making. Even many top FUT traders would agree with this, as it gives you the freedom to trade away from your console.

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FIFA Web App & Companion Features for FUT 19

The official FUT Web App release date for FIFA 19 was Friday, September 28, 2018. This became available for console users, including PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One (XB1), and PC. Unfortunately, the FIFA 19 Web App is not yet supported for Nintendo Switch (NS).

It is important that we remind you to only trust the official FIFA Ultimate Team Web App link (starting with ‘https’). We also recommend checking that the official ‘easports’ name is at the beginning of the URL (web address). The official EA SPORTS Web App link can be accessed directly below.

Official FIFA Web App Link

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FIFA 19 Web App Trading Methods & Tips

Before continuing, we strongly recommend upgrading both your transfer list and transfer targets/watchlist size to the maximum available. You can purchase this via the EASFC Catalogue.

Web App Sniping | How to Snipe Players With One Click

Sniping, or to snipe, is essentially the act of buying a FUT card moments after it has been listed. The problem with sniping on the FIFA 19 Web App is the fact that after you have identified the player that you want to buy, you are required to complete three steps/clicks before actually acquiring them. Due to the time-sensitivity of these types of auctions, this can result in you losing out to other users by fractions of a second.

In the above video, popular FIFA YouTuber, ELYYT – FUT Trading, explains a FIFA Web App trading secret in order to skip this confirmation process. This information is golden, as it allows users to instantly purchase any player simply by clicking a single key on your keyboard. If you’re fed up of always being out-sniped on great deals in FUT auctions, then this really is a game changer!

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59th Minute (BIN Sniping) | FIFA 19 Web App Trading Method

This is essentially the same thing as BIN sniping (buy it now). The default and most common auction duration is one hour, meaning that the majority of new listings on the FUT transfer market will appear just under the hour mark, hence the term ’59th-minute method’. With this taken into account, this is where you will find the best BIN bargains.

Many users who open reward packs or FIFA 19 FUT Draft Rewards fail to properly check the current value of these players. They often open at least two or three of these packs in succession and can’t be bothered to list each individual item for their actual worth, we call these people ‘lazy sellers’. Sure, they will save time doing this, but they will almost certainly lose FIFA coins in the process. This is where you come in…

There are multiple ways of approaching this FIFA Web App trading method. You can set price filters encompassing a number of items and hover between pages around the 59th-minute mark, but the snag with this is that you will need to know the exact current value of quite a few different items. Even if you have this information written down, the split second it takes you to refer to it may be enough for you to miss an auction.

We personally recommend targeting a specific item or player and setting a max BIN price under their current market value. The cheaper you go with this, the less chance you will have of finding an item, but the more coins you will make. Our take is – don’t be greedy. Even if you are making a few hundred coins per trade (after 5% EA tax), this is a good profit for a couple of minutes work and can add up to thousands in no time at all!

The key to success with the 59th-minute trading method is to find an item with little competition. This is where you need to think outside the box. High-value non-rare gold players can work well, as many people underprice these significantly. We also recommend checking current SBC requirements before proceeding with this method, as certain player prices can temporarily increase by huge amounts with lazy sellers not even realising.

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End of Auction (Bid Sniping) | FIFA 19 Web App Trading Method

With literally millions of items being listed on the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team transfer market, it is impossible for FUT users to keep track of everything. If you are familiar with FUT trading, you will know just how common it is for items to fly under the radar and sell for less than their market value. Some higher value players such as ICONS may not even sell at times, even though they are a good deal by comparison.

In order to follow this method, you must first determine the exact current market value of your chosen card. To do this all you have to do is simply search for the item using the BIN price filters until you find the lowest price on the FUT transfer market. Once this price has been established, you can then input a max bid price under this value. Again, don’t be greedy here, it is important that you actually have a chance of winning the item.

Unless you plan on using this method with multiple items at the same time, you don’t need to add anything to your transfer targets/watchlist. All the items that appear will be relevant to you, this is because you have already removed any overpriced items via the max bid price filter. Timing is absolutely key here, bid too early and you will give more time for other users to react.

It is best to wait until the 30-second mark, then bid on the item for the cheapest price you can. If you end up in a bidding war with another user, it is generally recommended to increase your bids in as smaller increments as possible. However, if the item is clearly massively underpriced, then you can bid in larger increments to not only save yourself time but also to potentially scare the other user off the item.

Mass Bidding | FIFA 19 Web App Trading Method

Mass bidding has been one of the most popular FIFA Ultimate Team trading methods over the years. This type of FUT trading isn’t complicated at all and requires very little thought process, yet it can be surprisingly successful. In order to follow this method, we recommend having a decent amount of coins available (relative to the value of the item or items that you’re bidding on). At least a multiple of ten times the value is required for this, but more is better.

Identify an item that is in high supply, but doesn’t have swarms of people contesting in bidding wars around the 30-second mark. Once you’ve found a mass-listed item with low competition, filter the max bid price appropriately. Again, try to get a reasonably good deal here, but if you go too low on your bid price you may not win any items at all. As long as you’re winning items and flipping them for profit you’re doing well.

With the above said, if you find yourself easily winning lots of items, then, by all means, adjust the price accordingly. You may find a particular item during a certain time window that no one else is currently focusing on, although this is a rare occurrence, it does happen from time to time. This seems to happen more with silver and bronze players whose prices have spiked due to them being necessary as part of popular SBC requirements.

Once you’re ready to go, perform a search and place your maximum bid on as many items as you can. You can do this until you run out of FIFA coins or no longer have any space left in either your transfer list or transfer targets/watchlist. Once you’ve done this you can play a FUT match, or alternatively, take a break and check back at a later time. If done successfully, you should be winning at least 10% of these items (preferably more). If not, move on to something new!

More new FIFA 19 Web App trading methods will be added to this guide soon!

Have you tried any of the above trading strategies? Which methods have you had the most success with so far in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this FUT 19 Web App trading guide, so get in touch with us via Twitter and let us know if these FIFA 19 FUT trading tips have worked for you!

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