EA SPORTS confirms 'Festival of Futball' up next: start date, FUT loading screen, Euro 2020 promo, FIFA 21 leaks - Dexerto

EA SPORTS confirms ‘Festival of Futball’ up next: start date, Euro 2020 promo, FUT leaks

Published: 9/Jun/2021 7:47 Updated: 9/Jun/2021 8:12

by Isaac McIntyre


Team of the Season is only just finished, but EA SPORTS are already barrelling into the next FUT promo ⁠— FIFA 21 is all set to celebrate EURO 2020 in Ultimate Team with the return of “Festival of Futball” later this week.

EA confirmed the new promo with a FUT loading screen.

Last time out, Festival of Futball celebrated the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Ultimate Team players who had stuck around until the end of FIFA 18’s cycle were treated to boosted “Path to Glory” upgrade players, a variety of SBCs, special “Classic International Heroes” cards,  and of course a raft of limited-edition FUT packs.


Dexerto expects the 2021 edition to be no different: with heavyweight international teams like France, Belgium, Italy, and England descending upon 11 cities across Europe for the 2020 championships, there’s loads of star players for EA to upgrade.

Here’s everything we know about the “Festival of Futball” promo so far.

EA SPORTS confirmed the "Festival of Futball" promo on their FIFA loading screen.
EA SPORTS confirmed the “Festival of Futball” promo on their FIFA 21 loading screen.

When will Festival of Futball 2021 begin?

EA SPORTS has confirmed the next FIFA 21 promo ⁠— “Festival of Futball” ⁠— will begin on Friday, June 11. The Ultimate Team loading screen has now been updated into a ticking countdown for the event, to build up early hype.

We’ll get our first look at FIFA’s next promo at 6pm Friday (GMT). Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK and @FutWatch to see the news.


fifa 20 kylian mbappe psg
European superstars like Kylian Mbappe are all but assured Festival of Futball upgrades.

Early Festival of Futball leaks

It’s been all quiet on the social media front regarding “Festival of Futball” leaks so far, and that’s not surprising ⁠— up until EA SPORTS updated the FUT loading screen earlier today, the FIFA 21 community had no clue the promo was even on the way. Expect to see more leaks slip through the cracks as Friday approaches.

Our dataminer, @FutWatch, should find the promo card style soon.⁠

Dexerto expects the new FOF cards to look similar to FIFA 18's design.
Dexerto expects the new FOF cards to look similar to FIFA 18’s design.

Our Festival of Futball predictions

While it’s tricky to point at a dozen FIFA 21 players that will get Festival of Futball boosts over the next few weeks, we can look back at the squads from past years.


Last time Ultimate Team celebrated the European Championships was in FIFA 16. Back then ⁠— five years ago, if you can believe it ⁠— EA SPORTS released four boosted squads that were based around the international game:

FIFA 16’s Festival of Futball promo squads

Two years later, the FIFA franchise brought back the “Festival of Futball” to celebrate the next World Cup, hosted in Russia. As well as a side-game playlist, EA added the following squads to their flagship game mode:

FIFA 18’s Festival of Futball promo squads

Dexerto expects to see something similar rolled out in FIFA 21, with boosted Flashback cards and upgraded Player Moments SBCs splashed into the mix too.

France earned a full FUT upgrade squad for winning the World Cup in 2018.
France earned a full FUT upgrade squad for winning the World Cup in 2018.

So there you have it ⁠— everything we know about FIFA 21’s next Ultimate Team promo, Festival of Futball. Expect to see new cards, SBCs, and FUT packs for the EURO 2020-themed event all the way up to the grand final on July 11.


We’ll update this article when the promo begins. As always, stick with us on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK for all the latest FIFA news, updates, and content.