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Ex-EA employee reveals why Antoine Griezmann was banned from FIFA

Published: 19/Oct/2019 11:33 Updated: 21/Oct/2019 7:00

by Joe Craven


Chukwuma Morah, ex-EA community manager for FIFA, has revealed the bizarre reasons why Antoine Griezmann – star forward for Barcelona and France – had his FIFA account banned.

Morah, better known by his online alias of ‘Chu Boi’, served as EA’s Community Manager for FIFA for a number of years, before he made the decision to step down from the role in late 2015, a few weeks after FIFA 15 launched. 

He now works in esports for Manchester United, as well as dabbling in presenting FIFA tournaments alongside other online personalities like Spencer FC. But, on October 18, Chu Boi threw it back to his EA days with a hilarious tale regarding one of soccer’s most famous stars. 

Instagram: Chu BoiChu Boi pictured with Juventus legend Andrea Pirlo.

Antoine Griezmann is one of Barcelona’s star forwards, having signed from Spanish rivals Atletico Madrid in July 2019. He has previously made clear his love for soccer video games, publicly talking about his exploits on both FIFA and Football Manager.

It appears he had some difficulties on FIFA 15 however, as Chu Boi has revealed he was actually banned from the game for buying coins; an act prohibited by EA as they encouraged users to instead buy FIFA Points to purchase packs. 

Griezmann apparently rang up the French EA office in order to find out what had happened and that he was “so upset” that he was given his players back. 

However, the news received something of a backlash, as many fans claimed Griezmann received special treatment due to his status as a famous footballer. 

Players found to have bought coins are banned from FIFA, as EA push for players to use the in-game microtransactions. The controversy even led to EA introducing “Price Ranges” for players, to ensure low-value players could not be sold for incredibly high values. 

Chu Boi clarified that Griezmann only received his players back, and not the coins he had bought. 

According to Morah, many professional players apparently misconstrued coin buying for a legitimate way of improving their Ultimate Teams, something that has become more explicit as EA have hardened their stance against it. 

Despite the explanation, many Twitter users were still unhappy with EA for their relaxed attitude to Griezmann, when many players have received permanent bans for the same actions. 

Regardless, it remains a bizarre story – that one of the world’s most famous soccer players once rang EA’s offices to complain about a ban from FIFA. Griezmann clearly has a lot of love for EA’s game, so he probably won’t be repeating his coin buying habits again. 


How to complete James Tavernier FIFA 21 Headliners SBC: Solutions & cost

Published: 15/Jan/2021 16:12

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS have released a brand new Headliners SBC for an 86-rated version of Rangers defender James Tavernier. So, here’s how you can complete the Squad Building Challenge. 

Headliners have been in FIFA Ultimate Team for a few years, and they work in a similar way to One to Watch cards. If a player who has a Headliners card then gets a new special card which is higher rated, the Headliners version is automatically upgraded.

In FIFA 21, there have been two teams of Headliners released so far, with a few Squad Building Challenges – SBCs – thrown in for good measure too.

The newest SBC centers around Rangers right-back James Tavernier. The 29-year-old defender, who has had two in-forms in Ultimate Team already, has been bumped all the way up to an 86. So, here’s how you can get your hands on him.

Screenshot of James Tavernier's in-game stats on his Headliners card
Screenshot via FUTBIN
A look at Headliners Tavernier’s in-game stats.

James Tavernier Headliners SBC in-game stats & requirements

As you can see above, the boosted stats make Tavernier a pretty decent card to pick up, even if you haven’t built an SPFL or Rangers team. He can seamlessly fit into any team with English defenders, or ICONS, of course.

However, as you might expect, he doesn’t come all that cheap. You’ll have to build two teams to get Tavernier – each containing at least one Team of the Week player.

You can find the requirements for both, below:


  • Number of English players: Min 1
  • Number of in-form players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75

Top Form:

  • Number of in-form players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65

James Tavernier Headliners SBC cheapest solutions

Speaking of his actual price tag, according to FUTBIN, the total cost for Headliners Tavernier is between 180-190,000 coins, depending on whether you’re on Xbox, PlayStation, or Origin on PC.

However, to try and get you under that somewhat lofty price tag, we’ve got the cheapest solution for each part of the SBC below.

Team of FIFA cards for Tavernier SBC
Solution for the Top Form part of Tavernier’s SBC.
Team of FIFA cards for Tavernier SBC
Solution for the England part of Tavernier’s SBC.

Now, unlike the Player of the Month SBCs like Bruno Fernandes, you won’t have a full month to get the coins and cards needed to get yourself a Tavernier.

The card is only available in Ultimate Team until January 21, so make sure you act fast. And, let us know how you find Tavernier in-game by tweeting us a review over at UltimateTeamUK.