EA responds to FIFA 22 85+ single-player packs glitch

Neymar in FIFAEA Sports

EA Sports announced that it’s investigating reports of a glitch causing players to not receive their 85+ single-player packs.

EA recently promised players an 85-plus pack with three players in it for logging in during the start of the FUTTIES promo. FUTTIES brings the most overpowered cards of the year back into packs for a limited time.

The first batch of FUTTIES players brings back some fantastic cards, such as TOTY Messi and Mbappe.

FUTTIES is one of the most popular FIFA promos yearly, but it stumbled out of the blocks this year due to a pack glitch.

EA addresses FIFA 22 85+ Single Player Pack issue

Nkunku scooped a ridiculous number of special cards in FIFA 22 after his breakout season.

The FIFA Direct Communications team tweeted an update regarding the 85-plus single-player pack issue.

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One frustrated user responded, “it took you two hours to even just look into it.”

A second person added, “how can you make so many mistakes?”

FIFA 22 suffered from similar bugs throughout the year.

For example, Shapeshifters Stephen El Shaarawy was released with incorrect stats, and a Year in Review Player Pick SBC unintentionally included the Fantasy FUT Christian Eriksen item.

The Stephen El Shaarawy mistake was corrected on the same day, but it took three days to reward players impacted by the Eriksen bug. It took six days for EA to fix the EFIGS TOTS Upgrade SBC, so don’t expect any concrete time frame.

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FIFA players usually plead for compensation for these blunders, but we’ll see what EA does in response. EA stated that they would provide an update when they could.