EA respond to FIFA 22 players affected by account hacks

Connor Bennett
Masked hacker with computer next to FIFA 22 logo

EA SPORTS have responded to the ongoing hacking problem with FIFA 22 accounts, but it might not be the answer that Ultimate Team fans are after.

As anyone who has played FIFA Ultimate Team for a few years will know, there are usually a few ‘scams’ and hacks to avoid as people try to take your cards and coins.

Though EA have buffed their security over the years, these hacks and scams are still an issue, and some big FIFA 22 players have found themselves falling victim to a new hack where their account is comprised and their coins are taken away.

This new ‘hack’ reportedly involves players going to EA Support, starting a live help chat, and looking to change the email of an EA account so that they can get access to the PlayStation or Xbox account they’re targeting. It’s become pretty widespread, with some big-name players falling victim to it.

Son celebrating in FIFA 22
FIFA 22 players affected by the hacking scandal have been left out in the cold.

EA statement on FIFA 22 account takeovers

Some of the top streamers and traders have lost multi-millions of coins, without much assistance from EA SPORTS on how to rectify things.

After speaking with some affected players, Dexerto managed to get a statement from EA on the new ‘hack’, with the video gaming giants urging players to make sure their accounts are as secure as possible.

“We’ve been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating,” EA told Dexerto’s David Purcell.

The statement might not be the sweeping change that affected players are hoping for, but it seems as if further help will be coming at some point. Though, who knows when that’ll be.

As we’ve seen previously, it might not be possible for players to get all, if any, of their lost coins back, but if they’ve lost cards through an account takeover, they should be able to get them back before long.

If anything changes, we’ll have updates.