Far Cry 6 weapons list: All guns confirmed so far

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The Far Cry series has always been touted as having some of the most powerful weapons, but what’s been confirmed for Far Cry 6 so far?

The sixth installment of the franchise is releasing worldwide on October 7, and it will be the first one engineered for the Xbox Series X|S and PS5, so fans are eager to jump back into the action.

Like any other Far Cry game, there’s going to be a major emphasis on guns and we’re bound to find a flurry of them throughout – some of which we know about already.

All Far Cry 6 weapons

far cry 6 weapons
Ubisoft will be adding some unique weapons into the game this time around.

Players will have a wide array of choices from guns when roaming around the map, and throughout the pre-release content Ubisoft have provided, we’ve got a decent outlook on some of the weapons coming to Far Cry 6.

Below is a rundown of all Far Cry 6’s weapons from what we know thus far. We will be sure to update this page as we learn more in the coming days.


  • Stechkin APS
  • M1911
  • Flare Gun
  • Makarov PM


  • AKM
  • AS Val
  • Fal
  • Carbine
  • M4 Variant
  • M16A1
  • SKS
  • Browning M2
  • M60E3
  • RPG
  • Minigun
  • MG42


  • PPSH
  • MP34
  • KSG


  • Dragunov

Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, and grenades

  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Grenade
  • RPG
  • QLZ-87
  • RG-6
  • Discos Locos
Discos Locos
The Discos Locos is one of the most unique weapons in Far Cry 6.

We’re bound to uncover more weapons when the game fully releases soon, and we’re amped to see what weapons will emerge as the best in Far Cry 6.

In the meantime, we’ve got some content surrounding Far Cry 6 that you should check out in preparation for the game’s release.

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